Private violin lessons. 6 drawbacks that you didn't think about

When playing the starting eight, many people think that the only way they can learn is to take lessons with the teacher. This is simply not true. There are many other ways to learn besides taking a lesson with a teacher, but there are many drawbacks to using a teacher that I will explain below.

Private teachers are very expensive. Classes with a private tutor can now be incredibly expensive. There are many people who would like to learn to play the violin but cannot because of the high value of the lessons, but you also need to keep in mind that you need to take lessons for many years and that over time they can make a small fortune. There is also no guarantee that you will improve, even if you have been taking lessons for years.

You have to travel, to take private violin lessons you need to go to your teacher every week, although at first it may seem like a very big task at first it can become incredibly tedious and tedious after a while.

You do not know how good your teacher is, before starting private violin lessons, there is no way to know if you and the teacher fit in well and if you and the teacher come together and make progress together. If you are unhappy and you and the teacher do not accompany you, you will spend a lot of time and save money for nothing.

You will only have courses once or twice a week, as you will only see your teacher once or twice a week, your progress will be very slow. If you consider that you only see the teacher for one or two hours during the lessons, then you can argue that private violin lessons are not really worthwhile.

You need to keep a strict internship schedule when you have to take lessons and exercises with a private tutor, there is no room for improvisation and spontaneity. While this is the best way to learn it, it can also become numbingly boring and repetitive.

They are difficult, if you are an adult, if you are an adult and want to learn, it can be very difficult. Most adults with work and family responsibilities will have very little time for violin lessons

Although there are many shortcomings, there are many solutions

The solution to all these problems is the DVD of violin lessons. In Eighth Class DVD consists of hundreds of videos and mp3s & # 39; s that will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about the violin, how to conduct the violin, and how to play the main pieces in different styles.

The best sights in Johannesburg

Johannesburg, a leafy suburb, is a big beating heart of southern Africa, with large CBDs and small urban centers. The city boasts world-class infrastructure, superb Victorian and Edwardian architecture, Africa and the tallest skyscrapers, a pulse-shopping scene, huge sights and enchanting nightlife.

From popular art galleries to many small, stunning bars, Johannesburg really has something for all tastes. It undeniably encompasses everything that makes the Johannesburg Holiday a fun affair. Here's a sample of the top 5 sights to see in Johannesburg after catching cheap flights.

Apartheid Museum

The Apartheid Museum is a landmark for the historic buffer to catch the Johannesburg flight. The museum is well known throughout the world and depicts the detailed history of South Africa. The museum reflects on the National Party's implementation of apartheid since 1948, the release of Nelson Mandela and the birth of democracy. The Apartheid Museum is truly a wonderful museum in South Africa. Film, text, audio, and live accounts are used to gain insight into the architecture and performance of the apparatus system. This museum is invaluable in understanding the inequalities and tensions that exist even today. The museum's main features include a 121-room room, which represents 121 political prisoners executed during apartheid and a room dedicated to a 1976 Soviet student.

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is a true testament to the richness of South Africa and wildlife. Spread over 20,000 square kilometers (7722 sq. Miles), the park boasts the highest concentration of species in the world. This national park is an undeniable reason to look for airlines that offer cheap airfares to Johannesburg. Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in South Africa and is home to cheeks, leopards, lions, rhinos, wild beasts, buffalo, elephants, giraffes, antelope and impalas. In addition to this, important sites of the park are also remarkable places of cultural heritage and indigenous pavements. Visitors can see the excavated remains of a late-century Iron Age settlement on Tulamela Hill. Masorin village is the ideal place to understand how hunters gather in the stone age.

Gold Reef City Theme Park and Casino

Gold Reef City is a popular hotspot for holidaymakers who book cheap flights to Johannesburg. It features fun entertainment sights and an exciting casino. The 60 Tables Casino, the Globe Theater, and the Lyric Theater are major draws for Gold Reef City. The casino is open 24 hours a day and offers a huge variety of games with games, tables and sports betting. You can also get a view of the gold mine and explore the fascinating surface and underground settings. Visitors can indulge in a variety of restaurants, enjoy swimming, play fun games or experience a 4D movie.

Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

Located on the western shores of the Emmartania Dam. The Johannesburg Botanical Garden covers a hill range of 148 hectares (365 acres). This garden is one of the quiet spots in the city, with 30,000 trees, a large rose garden that burns a myriad of roses. It has many wonderful plant collections around the world, including native trees and juices and an amazing collection of traditional African herbs, culinary, medicinal and cosmetic herbs. You can stroll in a pleasant environment and relax for a day. And cook at night in the quiet areas of the park.

Johannesburg Zoo

Covering 24 hectares, the Johannesburg Zoo houses 2070 animals and countless species of white lions, polar bears, elephants, chimpanzees, gorillas, foxes, hippops, and antelope. It is the only place where travelers can meet the world's largest cats, the Siberian Tiger. The zoo is organized in different areas of the Spice Route for animals found in Asia. Heart of Africa for gorillas, chimpanzees and other Central African species. There are local animals in South Safari. camels, polar bears and penguins in extreme environments and amazon animals for South America. You can explore the various zones of the zoo using guided tours.

Your budget travel guide

You've always wanted to travel, but you are afraid of spending more than you can afford. Well, here's some good news. Travel doesn't have to be expensive. Ling travel is not their only peer who can afford to pay anything along the way. Whether you are a regular office worker, a student or a retiree, you have the right to enjoy the wonders of this world to the best of your financial ability. Be your travel guide.

Deciding to be your own guide will help you find clever solutions to the endless costs involved in traveling. Ling travel is more fun when the pocket is not heavy. Cheap travel is a habit that many still have to master. Many travelers have been misled by expensive travelers and travel agents, unaware that there are actually several ways to reduce financial challenges.

Here are the ways you can travel for the least cost:

1. Find a more affordable hostel

Hostels are comparatively cheaper than hotels. Although structurally smaller and rugged, they offer the same amenities and sometimes the same basic tourist amenities as many hotels. If you are looking for free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and free airport transfers, many hostels also offer these services. Others offer free laundry facilities, staff-sponsored parties and a common room where guests can mingle and get to know each other.

The only thing you need to get used to is space, and in some hostels, hygiene. The trick is to do your research in advance. Read reviews to find out what previous guests think. You will have a clear understanding of which hostels to consider and which ones to avoid. Finally, be on the lookout for promos. Hostels sometimes offer discounts and other decorations. Dormitory type can be a lot cheaper, but if you want a cleaner and less stressful situation (especially if you are a woman), go to a dormitory for all girls. These rooms are usually less crowded and more comfortable.

2. Walk more

Traveling on a budget means getting ready to give up taxis or personal cars. However, what travelers do not understand is that they actually spend more on transportation than on food, hotel or souvenirs. Some taxi drivers use tourists to travel around in order to have to pay more than necessary. On the one hand, if you make more use of your feet, not only will you be able to experiment and improve your sense of direction, but you will also be able to see and feel interesting spots through regular transport. If you're not sure where to go, read through blogs, brochures, or local magazines. They can serve as your mobile travel guide.

3. Take a flexible route

The worst thing you can do for yourself on the road is to stick to the rules. It's important to have a route to keep things in order, but it's much more important to enjoy your trip and have a blast. Give a little room for unexpected adventures. Don't set a date for your return if you think you need more time to explore the place. Your route may look great, but first-hand suggestions from locals and pedestrians are the things that make travel more interesting. Travel guide books and magazines may not have the perfect results for these suggested spots, which are usually underestimated, less crowded, and much nicer than many tourist spots known by the media.

Spontaneity, a sense of culture, discovering unrecognized spaces and meeting new people. These are just a few of the reasons we should travel. Stick to your budget and the amount you take into account will be minimal.

The most misunderstood set of pop music

Now, when we say "misunderstood words", we are not talking. "Did Don McClane mean Buddy Holly or the American Pie in the Cold War, and couldn't he do it in less than 924 episodes?"


We say: "I'm singing" surprised me as I kissed this guy, as imi im Hendrix did. (and it "amazes me as I kiss the sky" because you have just enlightened Hendricks fans).

So here's a list of some of the most misleading (and fun) words in pop music:

10) "Wear a Laser from the Road I Need to Travel …" right, of course, the great Mr. Mister Hit, "Kier", has been making that list since the 80s, and you can't believe how many people misunderstood the choir (which is actually "Kiri Elesio the Way I Should Travel": a lyricist's handbook on religious education in Lon Lang).

9) & # 39; Jo Jo was the man who thought she was a woman until she looked down. From the Beatles seminar, Return. Not as funny as & # 39; & # 39; Blackbird & # 39; & # 39; running from Eddie Knight & # 39; & # 39; Runner Tarzan, but very good.

8) "There is a bathroom on the right". Creedance for the "Bad Moon Rising" choir could go a long way, but it's one of the most obscure words of all time. So maybe he'll go ahead and change the song's name (and send me royalties).

7) "I'll Never Crave … Burning Your Pizza" Mick Agger should still have millions of strings and unintelligible words, but the Stones classic becomes more classic in this sense.

6) "I feel two pigs in the containers". And following the tradition of ag ager, Kurt Cobain apparently cut most of his vocals with a string and a few mouthpieces (that's why "Come Like You" is a whole song you could misunderstand if you wanted to … "I": a night owl. I'm a night owl. "

5) "Warm smell of mojito, rising into the air …" First of all, it is "mojito" and they are always served cold. And if anyone knew about the drinks that were expected to be cold, it would be Walsh and the Eagles hanging out at the California Hotel.

4) "When I hear that old song, it was touching … I see my actor walking away …". Well, I'm a huge fan of this classic misconception of "More than Than a Feeling". list (and, it was "a song they used to play before" by the way, with Mary Ann).

3) & # 39; Gimme two. Gimme Five! Gimme dollars fifty-five! Metallica has its share of high-octane text words that make you go. "What has he just cried out?" But this entry from Fuel is right there, one of their best.

2) Hey baby! Ooo baby! Beautiful lady. Are you in a rush to get more bobs? Seriously, I'm against you saying that Robert Field is singing something different than Led Zeppelin's hard-rock classic Black Dog. Don't even get me started on Stairway to Heaven.

1) & # 39; Beat! Beat! No one wants to feel your penis. Give them your monkey. Show your mice. It doesn't matter that poo is good. Just beat it. What better tribute to a pop king than this mythical mistreatment of one of his hottest hits? Frankly, if there were references to Jesus' juice and taking baths with the kids, I probably think it was a pretty legitimate lyric. But this incredible series is pretty hard to dispute in MJ's classic, it turns it on.

Yes, we could go the easy way of "scratching our face" for Lady Gaga or "filling my cup, cotton top" with Black Eyed Peas, but we're going for serious quality with our words not understood here. And with that being said, go back to my mp3 player and Rush's "Fly By Night" … "It's time I wanted so much now and just wanted my bong."

Train travel vs. plane travel. Which is the best?

There are many vehicles available to travel in Europe today, but train versus plane travel is more interesting.

However, which mode of transport is best? Read below to find out why.

Ecologically clean

Air travel is now recognized as the fastest growing contributor to global warming. Avoiding airplanes, when there are easy alternatives to traveling, is probably the single most personal thing any individual can do to cut their carbon footprint. Air pollution decreases sharply when taking the train by plane. In many European countries train networks are extensive and services are frequent so that you can be environmentally friendly without sacrifice.


Traveling by plane, as a rule, means you have to secure the weeks or even months of your seat in advance to get a reasonable fare. Once you've secured your seat, it's not easy to change your flights without paying a lot. While some trains require you to make reservations in advance, you have much more flexibility, especially if you need to change the route you want to travel.

No noise

Imagine traveling and not arriving two hours early, waiting for a long safety line, measuring your liquids and gels or checking your shoes. Welcome to the world of train travel. When traveling by air, more time and more safety precautions are needed. Traveling by rail usually means you can arrive 30 minutes ahead and walk straight to your platform without any hassle.

Speed: Door-to-door faster

Air travel is known to be one of the fastest ways to reach your destination, but it only takes flight. How long before your flight do you need to reach the long checkpoint and safety line? If you checked in the bag, you should expect to collect it when you arrive on the other side, this is all time. Unlike airports, there are no checkpoints or security lines at railway stations, so you don't have to be at the station hours before your trip. The major major railway stations are located in the heart of the cities they serve. Basically when you get on a train you reach your destination directly. However, taking a plane can take hours to get to the airport.

Cost effective

Over the past decade, train travel has become more and more attractive to budget conscious travelers. While getting to your destination is still an effective way to get to your destination, there are additional costs that we usually overlook. Depending on your mode of transport, you will have to increase the cost of getting to and from the airport. This either includes the price of fuel and parking, or the airport bus or taxi. None of them are cheap.


Until you pay for a business class, your area is usually confined to an airplane seat. You can freely move by train, and you will have more room around your seats. During the flight you will have to wait for the seatbelt to be removed to move out of your seat. However, in the train, you are moving through the corridors, smashing bite or coffee into snacks or coffee snacks and watching the basket of the world. A scenic train ride can even be a vacation. Many European trains also offer free WiFi, which is not yet the case for all airlines.

Train travel also allows you to travel comfortably with your favorite pet. Many pets are not suitable for air travel because of health, age or race. Passengers on European trains can carry dogs, cats and other small animals and most at no extra cost.

Given all of these factors, it is easy to see how today's train travel is dominating. Aircraft are convenient for you miles away. However, if traveling in Europe or elsewhere by rail, train travel is the most efficient and convenient way of transportation.

Classic fencing. Thinking about distances

Distances, also called means, play an important role in the field of fencing. It is established that the physical distance between two fencers, or the distance that one fencing blade must cross, to strike the other fencer on how it is measured, enters a window into the tactical and technical teaching of the various fencing schools. As expected in the days before the development of modern international style, there are numerous approaches, including the following German, Italian and French examples.

Rook (1849, Trichel's translation) in his Kreusslerian Thrust Fencing Handbook (a style that continues to be taught in classical Germany) describes the distance of the Turks. The blade of the sword was divided into four parts by the guard from point to point: (1) full strength, (2) half strength, (3) half weak, (4) overall weak. The relative position of the sword set three distances, which was recognized by the fencer on the basis of pressure on the enemy's blade;

  • Wide distance. The total weakness of the fencer can reach half the opponent's weakness. This position is for protection or intelligence.

  • The middle distance, also known as a normal or proper measure – the weakness of the fencer can reach half the opponent's strength.

  • Closed distance. Half the fencer is weak on the full force of the opponent. This is a dangerous position, as his opponent's attacks will penetrate through the fence.

Although there are differences in how these distances are described, this German approach to using the blade to measure distance is largely consistent with the first years of the classical period (see Steflik's translations of Eiselen 1818, Seidler 1843, and Schneider 1887). .

In contrast, the Italian approach to distance is based on the foot needed to deliver the attack. Parise (1884, Holzmann's translation) defines three ways:

  • Promotion. The sniper is used to hit the opponent with a spade.

  • Lunge measurement. The opponent can be hit with incense.

  • Narrow measurement. The opponent can be hit without using his feet.

Van Hambeck (1905, translation by Van Noort), master of Belgian trained Italian fencing, divides the following:

  • Long measurement. The fences are farther than the correct distance.

  • Me always measuring. The fence must use an advance to reach the distance at which the opponent can hit the incense.

  • Normal measurement. A fencer can strike a foul on an opponent.

  • Short way: To hit the opponent you do not need to keep your feet.

Barbasetti (1932) uses different terminology, but with the same basic intention.

  • Closed or Closed Distance – when the opponent is touched by a simple extension.

  • Distance is always the distance – when an opponent can be hit by a fire.

  • Normal distance – is called normal because it is taken as a surprise attack when defeating a guard, requiring a down payment and saving to boost it.

  • Position out of reach – when the distance is greater than the usual distance.

The French description of measurement is different. In earlier texts, spacing marks are generally minimal or absent. The Ministry of War Fencing (Slee translation) of 1877 does not discuss the size. The English translation of the War Ministry Handbook of 1908 describes that the fencer is at or outside the event, with the term of measurement being defined as the maximum distance by which the fencer can strike a competitor without shocks. This definition is replicated by Crosnay in 1967. Deladrier (1948) states that the proper distance to maintain all time is the distance at which an opponent can be hit by a fire. Castello distinguishes between the distance at which the opponent can strike by tangle and the distance at which the opponent must use a forwards save. No Rondelle (1892), Senac (1904), Manrique (1920) and Grave (1934) discuss in any detail.

At the end of the term, we find other detailed considerations for the measure, given the age required for the attack. At the moment it is difficult to attribute the above categories to a particular school, and they may represent a developing international style. Vince (1937) defines three measures:

  • Short distance. The opponent hits the arm with an extension.

  • Medium distance – apples are required to hit.

  • Long Distance: You need to save money and save money to hit.

Lidstone (1951) describes four spaces:

  • Outside. The distance at which the opponent can not hit the fire.

  • Distance – the distance at which an opponent can be hit by a fire.

  • Half-distance – the distance at which a semester can hit.

  • Short distance – the distance by which a shot can be made without the lungs.

Summing up, we see the distance, which is described in two important ways – from the point of view of the blades and the foot required to attack, which will lead to touch. In the classical era, Italian theory provides a more advanced approach to measuring by footwork, and seems to be the basis for the emerging international style of fencing at the end of the period.

Rescuing horses

Horse rescue

There are many horsemen in the US and overseas. Some compete with their pets, and some just go for fun. However, they probably do not know about the cruelty that is common to all horse breeding.

The nurse wears a foam, which was born so that the mother would come in milk. The milk that the nurse feeds is used to nourish another, more expensive, foam kiosk. Mostly they are fine foil, though they are not, of course, limited to meticulous industry. Glitter, in fact, is the result of the bear dairy industry. The goal of caring meticulously is to produce more race. The bear may give one dig each year, provided that it is re-educated immediately after the digestion is delivered. Because the ock club requires that the crafts be brought up only with live cover rather than artificially sown. The bear should travel to the breeding tower and can be shipped within 7-10 days after foaming, but generally 3-4 weeks is allowed.

Traveling New is very risky for this newborn race, and insurance costs are a hindrance to the foam tower farm. A nurse bra is being hired at this time to thoroughly foam. To have milk, the nurse must give birth to her own baby. When he is sent to a small breeding farm, his own foam lags behind. Historically these foams have simply been killed. Orphaned foils are difficult to raise, and no one has ever tried to collect large quantities of them. Now these foils are valuable … they can be used as a "pony skin" in the fashion and textile industries, and meat is a delicacy in some overseas markets.

This includes many rescue organizations. They save these intrigues by making as many purchases as possible, taking care of their needs and finding loving, safe homes. Please help us.

What is involved in salvation?

The needs of an orphan's nest can be overwhelming. Even in the best of their health, they need plenty of milk, nutritional support, and daily hand care before they can move into their new homes when their new families take over.

Some healthy foils move quickly to their new homes, but many stay longer with us struggling to survive.

Cuts of extremely compromising weight have leading-edge requirements that can range from $ 75- $ 100 per day for one batch of veterinary and intensive care. When foil is in stable health, these costs come down sharply and are easily managed by their new slave families (care of one or both is eight or twelve as a single wind).

So if you are horse riding, love horses and want to rescue a needy child, look for nursing braids in your area. Saving the lives of these wonderful animals can be very rewarding. Regardless of your interests, be it barrel racing, jogging, garage, riding, competition track, riding, rodeo, calf rowing, western fun, everything that involves a great horse … save your life, and get a nurse for your next bra for:

An essay on reality, writing, and art

Ever had a great night's sleep and woke up? Seeing the world around you is no longer what you thought. But have you still wished to revert to this cramped state by exploring distant worlds of fantasy and dream? So you put your focus where you wanted to travel. You sleep there enjoying the moment.

That's what good fiction and fantasy books do for man. It's also what art does, what it sings, what it does.

I write, and that is exactly what I do when I write. I let my mind go wherever he wants to go. I don't control it. I don't dictate which path or mountain or cloud to travel. It is such that I, the writer, am a dreamer, and I also dream for others. And I print as a reference where my mind goes. That's my trade.

I've also read the best and gone down that same dream path to the world's highest writers and dreamers. That's why I respect science fiction. I like to see these great masters of Heinlein, Asimov, Herbert, Donaldson and others take to the road. That is why I love to dream for others.

Good books take you where you need to use your mind, imagination, and dream beyond the bounds of the material world. It is your world, your real world, where your mind goes. Imagination is your asset. In fact, it may be one of the few qualities that a spiritual being actually has. We use it to live, plan and even make a shopping list.

Good music will do the same. It takes you there. You can invite that beautiful sadness, not yet past or in time. Music does it for you. So you can prepare.

The pictures can be as you wonder how the artist did it. Buildings can:

Imagination is so important. Without it I'm not even sure how alive we are.

You always finish the book, then you look around. You look at your surroundings. It's like waking up on a Monday morning, 6 o'clock in the morning. You have to go to a dreamy office to earn another gloomy dollar for a man. But you carry the remnants of a dream with you.

Or, you put in a book to go and make coffee and think about what you are just reading and compare it with the world around you. You look at those pages and where they took you. You love your book. That's why I write and encourage everyone to write, paint, sing and more.

We call the physical universe the real world. And if we see someone take over their system, we sometimes say that it will stop dreaming and become a reality. But is that really true, is it really what we call the physical universe? Some spiritualists claim that this is not the case.

And so, can the world that the artist lives somehow be more real than the money of the physical universe can buy?

It may be that the artist, the writer, the singer can take us places to make it more real than we can touch. Is the artist more valuable than the more mortal men?

Places to visit in the US and add to your bucket list

Grand Canyon:

The Grand Canyon is a must see. This gorge is a real eye-opener when you first see it. The surrounding climate is very good. If you visit the gorge in the early spring, you will be able to experience the winter climate and desert climate. The Grand Canyon will give you the cold of winter, but the arid climate of the desert. Of course, this will require some physical activity. In order to feel the desert climate you will have to take a walk on one of the many canyon trails. But the campaign is worth it. The best trip is to climb the plateau. I've done it. Getting to this point will take you about twothe third is the Colorado River. When you get there, you are in a warm desert climate.

White Sands National Monument

This is a very nice place to visit. On arrival you will be greeted by reservations of pure white sand. Some of these sand mines are as tall as three-story buildings. They seem to go on for miles. At the end of the sand peaks is a desert pavement. This is the case when some of the space flights have landed. Right here is White Sands Space Harbor

Nearby is the city of Alamogordo. According to recent estimates, the city has a population of more than 30,000. It is located in the Tihulosa Basin of the Chihuahua Desert. Alamogordo and popular with the Trinity Test Site. The Trinity Test site is where the first nuclear bomb exploded. This was a fastening bomb. These types of bombs were once thrown into Japan's Aponia.

The Air Force Base, which manages space landing, is the Hollmann Air Force Base. The White Sands National Monument is on the west side of Mount San Andres. The Sacramento Mountains are to the east.

Serria Nevadas and The General Sherman Tree

Serria Nevadas is a mountain chain that exists in Central California. These mountains contain the highest mountain in the lower 48 stars. This peak is at an altitude of 14505 and is called Mount Whitney. This is a great climb, but it will take two days.

These mountains also have the largest tree on Earth. This will be General Sherman Tree. This is considered to be the largest giant sequence in the park. This tree is 274 feet long and its circumference near the ground is more than 100 feet.

If you want to visit these sites you will need a good map and knowledge of the area. This is especially the case if you want to tour the area. Check the internet for information to find out what you need to make your trip successful.

Best regards

Racquetball tips and racket rules

The racquetball can be played in three different ways. Versions include "Singles Play", "Double Play" (between two teams of two players) and "Cut Throat", which includes three players. Tournament games usually include either Singles or Doubles. Regardless of the type of play, these are the basic rules.

The game starts with the server standing in the service area and delivering the ball to the opponent. To serve, the server first has to jump the ball, then hit it with a racket. The ball comes into play after contacting the Play Wall first, then crossing the back of the court. In flight, the ball can hit one side of the wall, but no more. If it hits three surfaces before jumping, including a ceiling or back wall, the service is not good (called a single fault) and the ball is not a game. In addition, service that does not cross the short line of the service area is also not good (fault). In addition, the ball may not hit the side wall, floor or ceiling while trying the service. The server allows the ball to be played. If the server repeatedly hits two malfunctions, the serving return player takes over the service zone, and the original server assumes service return.

To return to the service, stand in the middle of the court (equal distance between each side wall) with approximately one hand and rockets from the back wall. Return to serve by hitting the ball before the second second jump. The ball must travel to the Play Wall to make it a good return on the job. The ball can hit any surface except the bounce floor as long as it hits the Play Wall.


After playing the ball, each player alternately kicks the ball until one misses the ball or hits an illegal kick. Players try to earn points or gain service by ending the rally. Often this is done when the player's shot hits the front wall at its lowest point, causing the ball to come out rather than jump into the playing field (called a flame or roll). Points are also earned when assemblies end in error or "Miss the Ball," that is, when the ball touches the floor before reaching the Play Wall.

After playing the ball, the walls and ceiling can be used for fluctuating shots. Points are scored when the server wins the ball after serving the ball. If the returning player wins the team, the result is determined, no player earns any player, and the player who wins the set is served. Whoever wins the assembly always serves the next. Games are usually two games with 15 points and up to 11 points if needed.

The Hinders are pauses and lead to a repetition of a point. It is your responsibility to give the opponent enough space to strike the way they want to hit. You should slide them on the wall of the front shot, as well as the corner, which will lead to the back corner of the intersection. The usual obstacles are: The ball that hits any part of the court, which is the result of a failed report (air conditioner, door knob, lights, etc.), accidentally hits the opponent with the ball as it moves to the front wall, inadvertently connecting with the opponent. When attempting to play a ball, Screening the opponent's point of view on the ball or between the legs of one passing the ball. The basics to remember after starting the game are: Only the server earns points, the ball can only jump once. The ball has to be returned to the front wall after the ball is hit.

Courtesy of some of the strongest tips for playing a wonderful game of great football will allow you to capitalize on every mistake your opponent made. In the center court you get the highest score from the effective shooting options, and you can more easily cover the best shots of the opponent. However, there are times when you have to withdraw from the central court. The rules state that you must always give up your positions to give your opponent a fair shot. In addition, the two best shots that allow you to control the central court are the ceiling ball and the passage or line shooting. These two defensive shots will require your opponent to return to the backfield, thereby allowing you to move to the central court.