The Essential Need for Successful Travel with the Family

It is very relaxing when traveling with our friends. Because not everyone needs to be cared for, and everyone cares about them. But you and your family have cared for everyone.

Your family can be your wife and children, or even your parents and sisters. You can have a pilgrimage or an exotic vacation or a cool hill station. Or else you need to prepare a successful travel plan that will feel at ease and youthful upon your return.

Before investing, take a few precautions that will save you money and other difficulties that you may face later.


Get complete knowledge of the place you are visiting. Get this information from friends and relatives you visit. Ask them about the amenities and challenges they face and how to handle such situations. If your friends and relatives haven't visited the site, check everything out online, such as Google and more. Find out more about hotel accommodations, places to visit and travel costs, as well as transportation. If you plan to visit more than one place, you will find connecting transport and hotel accommodation as well as food available there. Calculate the total cost and be ready to spend 10 percent more.


In most cases you can pay by Credit or Debit card. But there are many circumstances when you only have to pay in cash. You can also get an ATM where it may not work.


When traveling with families, children or elderly parents can get sick for any reason. So you need to take some medicines for colds, coughs, body aches or even strains or injuries. Take medications for your elderly parents or even for long-term illnesses, such as diabetics, and so on. Take with you all medical health insurance policies, as well as doctor's prescriptions and more for any reference.


This may seem a little difficult or funny. But try to convince your wife and parents to do some yoga or aerobics so they can stay fit and well throughout the journey. Many hotels now provide gym days, so that you can all enjoy the same. If nothing, then yoga and breathing exercises are the best.

Take Some Electricity Heaters, etc.

Electric hot tea kettle or handy coffee maker etc that travel very well. These are very useful when you are with small children or older parents.


This is a must when traveling in your own car. Next to you, your wife and another man should know how to read maps on a mobile phone and how to follow the instructions given there. If you do not know, you should practice it now. It's always helpful.

Food is an important factor.

When you visit new places, you can get different foods or new foods. Here you should only eat foods that fit your body. Don't try new foods that may not be right for you, which can spoil your stomach and spoil your mood, as well as your loved ones. Avoid all kinds of street food. You can have street food if you are satisfied with their hygiene. If you don't know about any new foods, always have bread and butter that are easily available everywhere. Some remedies are also for integrity and vomiting.


You only have to keep your plan. Don't change your plan between your trips, which may endanger your monetary health. Always book your hotel tickets, flight tickets or train tickets in advance to avoid unpleasant situations.


Before leaving for your home, look for 1] Train tickets or Flight tickets 2] Ident ID card 3] Passport and visa for all your family members if you are traveling abroad 4] Credit / debit cards 5] Medicines 6] All basic clothing, in particular 7] Driving license and motor vehicle insurance 8] Hotel reservation approval 9] Removable chargers and 10] Liquid cash stored in luggage. Avoid too big suitcases. Take small or medium-sized suitcases so you can easily move them anywhere.


Do not be angry with your children who may go wrong when traveling. They may ask you to buy what they see on the journey. Hold the sea and bring a smile to your face as well as to the faces of your loved ones. Avoid night walks in unknown or deserted places.

So before traveling, if you keep in mind all these important things, your journey will be memorable. You will be fully satisfied and bring home many sweet memories to your home.

10 must-see sights when traveling to Paris

Paris is not only the world's leading business centers, but also cultural centers. He has also contributed to education, entertainment, media, politics, fashion, science and the arts. As a result, it has become one of the largest cities in the world. There are several sights in Paris to visit. So when traveling in Paris you should not miss the following 10 places.

The Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in Paris. It is the only paid monument in the world. It is both a global symbol of France and one of the most famous structures in the world. People create different spaces to see this unique building, which offers stunning views of Paris from the observation deck.

Arc de Triomph is one of Paris's most recognized monuments, with the Eiffel Tower standing over 324 meters. It is located on the right bank of the Seine River. It was built by Napoleon in the victories of his war in 1806. This monument also has a memorable history during World War II.

Center Georges Pompidou is the largest museum art in Europe, and IRCAM is the center for music and sound research. It has a collection of about 40,000 works, as well as an exhibition of 800 times at once. It was designed in the style of high-tech architecture. Since 1977 it has had more than 150 million visitors.

Basilica du Sacre-Coeur is a Roman Catholic church and a minor basilica dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus in Paris, France. It is known as the highest point of the city. It was built as a tribute to the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. Here you can see the world and the mosaic and the stunning hill.

Sinai is known as a romantic backdrop in Paris. It is a slow-moving large river and a commercial waterway. Tourists can enjoy the magic and history of Paris by following the paths or swimming in one of the gallery's doorways.

Notre Dame was one of the first Gothic temples. Its sculptures and stained glass show the heavy influence of naturalism. You can climb an additional 300 degrees to the top of the south tower for breathtaking views of the city and the nooks.

Musee d & # 39; Orsay is a museum in Paris. It is located on the left bank of the Se, located at the former railway station: Gare d & # 39; Orsay: It presents mainly the form of French art dating from 1848 to 1915, including sculptures, paintings, furniture and photography. So don't miss this museum cafe behind the huge face of the train station.

The Louvre is officially called the Grand Louvre – in English, the Louvre Museum or the Grand Louvre or just the Louvre. It is one of the largest museums in the world, as well as the world's most visited museum and historical monument. It is the central landmark of Paris and is located on the right bank of the Senate.

Jardins des Tuileries is a beautiful center in the center of Paris, founded in 1664 by Andre Le Notre. It's for walks, for lovers, and for the 39th meeting and their generations.

The Hôtel de Ville is the administration building of Paris City and # 39. Since 1357 it has been located in the Paris municipality. It serves many functions, housing the local government, the Mayor of Paris, and serves as a large reception venue.

Writing for the Tourism Industry – Part 2:

If the article is about a specific travel venue topic, it should contain at least relevant statistics about the venue description that even the ordinary traveler would be interested to know. It is, of course, impossible to give all the details in a short article, and therefore the writer can use his judgment to decide what to include. Only when this is done in a proper way will the readers receive the desired information that will be useful to make their holiday activities more enjoyable. The main areas where the travel writer should pay close attention to when compiling facts about a particular tourist destination are location reviews, major tourist attractions, possible vacation activities, details of residence and related places.


This section, as the title suggests, should present the general idea of ​​the tourism importance under discussion. Geographical location, climatic conditions, as well as significance and aspects of heritage should be clearly identified. The reader must be able to gain basic knowledge of the place so that he or she can obtain it in advance.

Main Tourist Attractions:

The main purpose of the vacation is to refresh the festive moments as much as possible. Short trips to tourist sites located within the subject tourist resort are one of the ways to achieve this. Travel writers should therefore include a short summary or at least names of attractions worth a visit. Visitors will then be able to select specific points for short excursions.


Participating in different physical activities is another opportunity to gather important moments during a vacation trip. Travel travel writers need to make it a point to provide proper stress to this segment. They may include in their abstraction the potential opportunities for physical activity.

Accommodation details:

Accommodation-friendly units are imperative to making all vacation trips successful. in fact, there will be a large number of such housing units in all modern tourist areas. This includes regular hotels, luxury hotels, apartments, camps, villas, B&B, apartments and more. Travel travel writers should point out their facts to their readers so that those planning to visit the place can organize things accordingly.

Related Places:

This is important information that a travel writer should convey to readers. There will be many interesting places located a short distance from the subject tourist center. Tourists will be able to access these exciting places on short trips. If they receive background information on this issue, they can plan and plan their trips accordingly.

Seven must have travel plans

Have you ever traveled overseas and lost because you were unable to organize your itinerary? Well now there are a number of new mobile apps that can help you stay connected and organized. Warriors Road Warriors can relieve their stress with these seven convenient apps.

The first is Tripit. Tripit is a travel organizer and very popular. It lets you place your apps correctly on your iPhone no matter where your journey was. You're just sending Trip Confirmation Letters to Tripit to build your itinerary. It also offers travel alerts, alternative flight suggestions, frequent flight tracking and more. They have both paid and free versions.

Next, you have the Turbcast app. Turbcast lets you access your itinerary to make it more accurate, whether your flight is smooth or intertwined. It looks at different levels of flight transit. It is looking for a moderate and severe commotion along your path. This software makes it so unique that it uses an aviation approach to look at flight crews, which gives it better accuracy. It also has tips and facts about alarm, as well as great videos for better understanding. It's a great program for travelers or mild cases of fear of flight. The next application we have is Magic Magic. Taxi Magic lets you order a taxi from anywhere. It is directly integrated with taxi dispatch systems. It allows you to book via text message and get confirmation in seconds. Next, you have Jet Set costs. Jet Set costs allow you to execute expense reports, general run reports, and currency formatting.

Next, you have the Translate-Google app. Google lets Google translate words or phrases between more than 50 languages. You can speak your phrases and listen to relevant translations. This is great for overseas travel. Next up is the Travelocity app. This gives you access to city guides, restaurants, nightlife and events. Is a mandatory city for this? There are many options that are both paid and free.

Finally, the last program on our list is World Mate. World Mate allows you to create a route automatically. It monitors your flight and alerts you if they are delayed. It has world clocks, weather forecasts and hints. It has great graphics and easy to use. To find out more about Great Travel Apps, many of you go to demo videos to get out. There are also great travel review sites on the web.

Travel to Spain to Barcelona

You have to travel to Spain at least once in your life, you have won it. Two of the best ways to travel to Spain are by boat or plane. The natural beauty of Spain is astonishing "Barcelona", whether you approach it from the Mediterranean or from the air. The European country of Spain is divided into seventeen communities. Barcelona is located in Catalonia. The community of Catalonia has its autonomy. As a result, they have their own local government, police, and they continue to control their community, which includes Barcelona, ​​the capital.

When you travel from Spain to Barcelona, ​​you will find a city with more than 1.5 million people. They really took center stage around the world in 1992, when they hosted the Olympics. The people speak Catalan and Castilian Spanish. Catalonia is spoken throughout Catalonia. The Capitol City is a historically and culturally Mediterranean city that somehow retains its Gothic city center. It has a large number of museums that showcase their art and history over the centuries. Visiting museums is a must because they give you a better understanding and appreciation for a unique culture.

"Barcelona" is deeply Catholic. One of the best times for a family visit is early spring at Easter. They have many processes, passion plays and exhibitions. It's a great time to visit. Barcelona is famous for its small romantic streets and fine shops. They attract you when you are walking with your partner. This place is definitely for honeymooners. The beautiful coastline along the Mediterranean Sea is a magnet for tourists. It boasts 5,000 kilometers of coastline along with amazing beaches. This area has also provided additional impetus to the Spanish economy.

Travel travel tips in Panama. You must see places to explore and discover

If you have decided to travel to Panama, you have made a great decision. Panama has many things for both young and old and has an amazing culture that is definitely worth a visit. Upon arrival you will be greeted by his friendly locals, then taken to Panama City, home to modern skyscrapers and hospitals. You can also visit the beaches of Panama or go for walks with its lush umbrella. There is so much to see and do in Panama. In this article we will present you travel tips on the best places to see and explore. These places can guarantee that your stay in Panama is truly memorable. You can even come back for more.

· Panama City – The place of arrival in Panama is located in the capital city of Panama. This city is famous for its many tourist attractions, such as Panama Canal, Las Boveda, Plaza de la Cathedral, Teatro Nacional, Palacio de las Garzas, Casco Viejo and many more. It is definitely the Panama Canal where tourists can try to unlock the canal locks. You can also hike in the Indian village of Embera, where you can sail by boat to sail to Lake Allegela and then to the Jungle River. Hospital Punta Pacifica is also a must see as this place is famous for its medical tourism. High standard medical care at this hospital can be obtained at a fraction of the cost in US and Canadian hospitals. Panama City is a mixture of old and new. It is where the state-of-the-art medical facilities and modern amenities can be found, but the ancient world and the natural charm still feel ancient through its antique buildings and rain forests. You have to see Panama City for sure.

· Coronado: – This place is about an hour's drive from Panama City and is where you can enjoy salt, sand and sea. This coastal town is a beach resort, so well developed, it even has a hospital, shopping malls, markets, banks, drug stores, grocery stores and many restaurants. It is a beach town, so the sun and swimming in Coronado are eagerly awaited, as well as golf, shopping, and kite-driving lessons. Coronado is definitely one of the places in Panama that you should not miss.

· Boyko – This is a small town located in one of the highlands of the country and is a very popular tourist destination. Boquete Panama has a similar weather all spring. consequently, many emigrants have come to Boquete to retire. One popular place is Volcan Baru, a sleeping volcano that has fallen into many adventures and adventures. Boquete's visit is, therefore, about the overthrow of nature, hikes and mountaineering. Another thing you should not miss at Boquete Panama is its delicious coffee. You might want to bring some of your friends home.

· Bokas del Toro – This is another tourist destination as the city of Bokas is made up of very small islands. It is a place where travel is mostly by water taxis or ships, as the islands are not connected by roads. A water taxi tour in all the islands of Bokas is amazing, as is the city's marine park. There you can see dolphins, asterisks and many other sea creatures.

Panama is a beautiful country worth exploring. You can hike in the highlands, swim on the beach, visit the old town, watch sea creatures and enjoy cheap but high quality health care. It's a country where you can spend more money. Price in Panama is low. So you can really have a good rest with your own cash. Make sure Panama City, Coronado, Bokas del Toro and Bokie are part of your itinerary. These are the best places in Panama that you should definitely not miss.

Price of Crypto

Bitcoin, the leading market-cap encryption asset, had a difficult year. Cryptocurrency started the year at extremely low levels, but then exploded 350% to $ 14,000, before falling almost 50% to $ 7,300.

The third largest 24-hour gain on this asset reduced the crypto asset to a 200 and 50-day moving average, but was rejected at over $ 10,000 and is again in free fall mode. The decline has brought Bitcoin back to 50DMA, where the asset is testing it again as support, which, according to a crypto analyst, is very dangerous.

The price of bitcoin stalled: the bull or bear market will soon be decided
Bitcoin is at a critical juncture and corrects its effects on a vigorous rally before embarking on a real uptrend or is about to enter the next phase of the bear market. The coming days will determine the trend for the coming months as the asset approaches its halving.

Related reading | Bitcoin price: Recovering a significant moving average could lead to a new test of the highest

Price action has been difficult to assess which side the market is looking at – bullish or bearish. The break-up of a massive symmetrical triangle over several months has made the market bearish, but a powerful information-driven rally following Chinese President Xi Jinping’s support for blockchain technology has provoked a surge in asset prices, provoking a short epic pressure and a record for the third biggest gain of a day of assets.

The explosive move has brought Bitcoin above the 200-day moving average, as well as the 50-day moving average – two moving averages that have crossed recently.

live crypto prices

But this powerful spike may be just another bearish test of the old support transformed into resistance, and Bitcoin is again falling, falling below the 200DMA and now facing a “dangerous” new 50DMA test.

Bitcoin was on top during all the gathering,
went below when crashed and then over soon.
Now he tests again and again. Dangerous. $ BTC $ BTCUSD #bitcoin

According to a graph shared by a crypto analyst, Bitcoin was above the 50DMA throughout the 2019 rally, until it began to correct itself and the asset fell below – but negotiates it closely. It was only in September that Bakkt was launched with a lot of disappointment, while the sale of the event lowered the price of bitcoin to $ 8,000.

Official Tibetan Travel Guide: Required Beginners (Part 1)

Tibetan climate.

1. How is the climate in Tibet? It is hot in summer. It is very cold in winter.

Tibet is located on a high plateau, and it is characterized by a distinctive low-noise climate. Climatic conditions are quite different in different areas of Tibet. Eastern Tibet, which is at a lower elevation, is warmer than western Tibet. In some mountain areas there are four seasons at different altitudes. Daytime weather is also very different. The night is cold and the day is warm. It lasts for 12-15 degrees Celsius a day.

Climate in southeastern Tibet, including Ningchi and Famdo, is warm with an average temperature of eight degrees; while in western Tibet (Shigats and Naguk) it is quite cold, with average temperatures well below zero.

However, in the central part of Tibet, the climate of Lhasa and ed Edang is more favorable for travel. Lers travelers can visit these two areas throughout the year, not too hot in summer, not too cold in winter.

2. How is the road condition in rainy weather in Tibet? Do I need to bring rainwater with me?

Rainy weather in Tibet is mainly from June to August, and it has a very bad impact on the roads. However, there are many traces of maintenance work, and the local army will also help with road rehabilitation. Generally, it takes only a few hours to make roads possible again. As for rainwater, you are advised to take a raincoat, raincoat pants and shoes if you want to travel, climb a mountain or ride a bike. If you have group tours organized by some travel agencies, you usually do not need to snow clear as Tibet often rains at night and the weather is very good in the daytime. Besides, the tour bus is always by your side.

3. What is the best time to travel to Tibet?

In general, the beginning of April is the beginning of the tourist season, which lasts mid-June, when a large number of Chinese travelers rush to Tibet for a summer vacation. The end of June is the culmination of the tour until the end of the National Day, when some of the major festivals in Tibet, such as the Shoton Festival, the Giant Dawa Festival and the Naghk Equestrian Festival. Since mid-October, Tibet is turning to winter, and as visitors are declining, more than half of the hotels are closed for poor booking.

As for the best time to travel, it depends on your travel requirement.

1. If you want a very cheap price then go to Tibet in the winter from December until the following March. All things are pretty cheap. even tourist sites offer 30-50% off entrance fee. Hotels are also cheap. You can enjoy 5 star hotels for more than $ 100, including breakfast. Compared to August travel, the cost of winter trips is only 50% -60% of summer trips. Due to the insufficient number of visitors the Potala Palace allows to spend even the whole day in it. Besides, the monks are not busy and have free time to talk to you.

2. If you love hiking, do it in May or September, when the monsoon will never bother you, and the weather is warm and pleasant.

3. If you love Mt.Everest and want to see its simple face, try to avoid precipitation and fog.

4. If you love to visit grasslands in northern Tibet, take a tour in July when flowers bloom in huge grass and groups of oaks and sheep, the tents of Tibetan nomads spread across the grassy areas.

5. Those who wish to travel the Sichuan-Tibet highway to Tibet should avoid the rainy season. Certain sections of the Certain Road will have landslides, caves, and mills blocking the access of vehicles.

About high altitude sickness

1. What is altitude sickness? What is the symptom of high altitude illness?

High altitude sickness can occur at altitudes (over 2700 m) due to oxygen deficiency. It usually occurs after a rapid ascent and usually can be prevented by slow growth. Symptoms often occur six to ten hours after the ascent and generally fall within a couple of days, but sometimes they develop into more severe conditions. Common symptoms of high altitude illness include respiratory distress, headache, fatigue, stomach disease, dizziness and sleep disturbance.

2. How to avoid or relieve altitude sickness?

  1. Keep in good spirits, do not be overly excited or worried about altitude sickness. Before you go to Tibet, be as physically and mentally healthy as possible.
  2. Take care of yourself and avoid getting frostbitten before leaving for Tibet, rather than taking a shower for the first two days after staying in Lhasa to avoid the cold, or you may easily feel altitude sick in a weak physical state.
  3. While in Tibet, don't drink alcohol for the first two days. Drink plenty of water and eat light, high carbohydrate foods for more energy.
  4. Don't run, jump or do some tax work for the first two days. Being calm and having a good rest is important.
  5. After you have symptoms of altitude sickness, take some medication (it is said to be useful to drink some butter tea if you can adjust to it) and do not go higher. Treatment and oxygen also help prevent altitude sickness. Symptoms of mild illness can be treated with appropriate medications. If the drugs and oxygen do not relieve the symptoms, go to the hospital or be evacuated to a safe place immediately.
  6. Oxygen can help relieve symptoms of altitude sickness, but don't use it too often in Lhasa, but your symptoms of altitude sickness are not serious. If you feel frostbite or feel very uncomfortable, you should go to the nearest hospital in the area.
  7. In addition to the usual remedies for travel, it is advisable to bring medicines at a high altitude. Look for recommendations from your doctor.
  8. Tell your guide quickly if you are not feeling well and follow the guide & # 39; for tips.

3. What should I do if I have altitude sickness after arriving in Tibet?

There are hospitals in many major Tibetan cities. You can slowly adapt to high quality mild to moderate illness and you can go to the hospital if it is serious. After you have had high altitude sickness, you should rest well, do not go too far, continue eating, drinking black sugar or taking some medicine. If your high altitude illness is severe enough, you should go to the hospital, or go down to some lower places, or leave Lhasa immediately. High-altitude illness will disappear after a certain elevation, and it has no sequential symptoms.

4. High altitude sickness is more serious if taking Tibet by plane than by train.

Act accurate, but both have their advantages and disadvantages. You are more likely to have high altitude sickness because you do not have enough time to adapt to the highland environment gradually if you are traveling by plane. The altitude change is directly from a few hundred meters to over 3000 meters. However, if you travel by train to Tibet, you can slowly and gradually adjust your body in high-altitude environments. You can then relieve or avoid high altitude illness.

5. What diseases can people go to Tibet? I need physical practice before leaving for Tibet.

People with the following diseases cannot travel to Tibet.

  • People with all kinds of organic heart disease, severe arrhythmia or resting heart rate of more than 100 minutes, high blood pressure II or higher, all types of blood diseases and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • People with chronic respiratory diseases, people with moderate or above grade obstructive pulmonary disease such as bronchial enlargement, emphysema, etc.
  • People with diabetes that are not properly controlled include hysteria, epilepsy and schizophrenia.
  • With cold frostbite, upper respiratory tract infections, and body temperature below 38F, while the whole body and respiratory system have obvious symptoms, it is not recommended to travel to Tibet until they are well.
  • People with high lung cancer, high altitude cerebral edema, high hypertension with marked increase in blood pressure, high heart disease and high polycythemia.
  • High-risk pregnant women.

If you are not sure about the state of your body, you can undergo a physical examination. But you should not do more exercise before leaving for Tibet, as exercise will put a greater burden on your heart and you will need more oxygen, which can easily lead to elevated disease.

6. Why can't people with colds go to Tibet? What should I do if I get cold in Tibet?

Your immune system will be weak if you get a cold and you can easily get high altitude illness. In addition, severe colds can easily lead to more serious illnesses at a higher level, especially pulmonary edema, which is very dangerous. So you should not travel to Tibet before getting rid of the cold.

However, if you get frostbite in Tibet, things may not be so serious, as your body has already adapted to a plateau environment and you can go to a doctor and take some medication.

Permits and Certificates

1. Are there any restrictions or restrictions imposed on foreigners to travel to Tibet? What about foreigners in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong and Macau? How to fix it and how long does it take?

There are special requirements for Tibetan foreign travelers. First, foreign tourists to Tibet should be organized by travel agencies with approved routes. Secondly, the travel permit issued by the Tibetan Tourism Bureau is indispensable. Tibet Travel Permit must be obtained before leaving for Tibet. Moreover, foreigners are not allowed to travel to Tibet on their own, even with travel permits. They should be accompanied by a licensed travel guide. Foreign travelers to China and Taiwan also require Tibetan travel permits, while Hong Kong and Macao compatriots can travel to Tibet, like other Chinese nationals, for a valid return home. Foreigners, foreign compatriots from China and Taiwan may apply for a Tibet Travel Permit from the Tibetan Tourism Office or certain qualified travel agencies – valid passport (copy), visa (copy) and work certificate. Usually, it can be obtained within a week and 2 to 3 days if you urgently need it.

2. What is Tibetan visa? How to obtain a Tibetan visa and what documents are required to obtain it?

Tibetan visas, also known as the Tibetan Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permit or Tibetan Visa, are the main document for foreign travelers to enter Tibet. No foreign visitor can visit Tibet without holding Tibetan access in their hands. Foreign tourists are required to show both their Chinese visas and Tibetan visas when they change travel by passenger or space trains to Tibet.

The Tibetan Tourism Bureau has been formally granted permission by the Tibetan Tourism Bureau to restrict the number of foreign visitors. With this permission, foreign tourists can travel to the Lhasa region, including the town of Lhasa, Lake Yamdrok, Ganden, ur urfu, Namzon, Drigung Til and Retting.

Tibetan travelers are not available for freelance travelers. Foreign travelers should travel in a travel group and ask a legitimate travel agency for you to apply for a Tibetan tour.

Required Documents:

You can obtain a Tibet Entry Permit (TTB Permit) by sending a qualified travel agency the first page of a valid passport and a copy of the Chinese visa by fax or email, and clearly state your occupations (Foreign journalists and diplomats are not allowed to travel as tourists) : If you are a Taiwanese compatriot, send us copies of your MTP-Mainland Travel Permit or you will be called a Taiwanese compatriot / travel document (commonly known as "Tai Bao heng ng") and tell us about your occupations.

If you are a citizen of Hong Kong and Macao SAR, the return of Hong Kong and Macao compatriots to China is enough to travel to Tibet. You are not required to apply for Tibetan permission.

Pay attention. If you are planning to travel to officially closed places for Tibetan foreigners, you will need a foreigner's travel permit.

3. What is a foreign travel permit?

Except for Tibet visas, foreign travel permits are required if you are planning to travel to places officially designated for foreigners in Tibet, such as Fr. Everest, Rongbuk Monastery, Sts. Kailash and Manasarovar Lake. Foreign travel permits are not required for uninterrupted travel on the Lassa, Shigatsi et Etang cities or the Friendship Highway.

Aliens & # 39; Travel permit is required to visit & # 39; undisclosed & # 39; territories: Provided by the police (Public Security Bureau, PSB). Usually you can apply for it upon arrival in Lhasa. Our tour guide will ask you for your passport and TTB permit and submit it to the PSB Foreign Affairs Travel Travel Permit. It usually takes several hours and costs 50 CNY / person. If you are a solo traveler, you should join local tours to & # 39; unopened & # 39; areas, and local travel agencies will also make PSB for you. Note, there is no travel agency that can provide & # 39; PSB allowable & # 39; service.

Attention: If you want to travel by land from Tibet to Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai or Xinjiang to Tibet, you must obtain a PSB permit before you begin your tour.

4. Which parts of Tibet are listed as closed areas.

You must apply for a travel permit now if you plan to visit the following places: Ed Edang. Monastery of Simee, Tomb of King Tibet, Trundruk Monastery, Yumbulakhang Shigatse. Sakya Monastery Gyantsi: Pelican Code Monastery and Cuban StupaNigar District. Kailash, Manasarovar Lake, Tsaparang, Years, etc. Nyingchi Region. Basum-tso, Pomi, Rawo-tso, etc.

5. Are there any other certifications and permits may be required in Tibet?

With the exception of Tibet visas, foreigners' travel permits, there are military permits, foreign affairs permits, and other permits that may be required when traveling to Tibet.

The sensitive border is like Kilash, and eastern Tibet also requires military and foreign affairs clearance. You will also need permission from the Department of Local Cultural Antiquities for Tolling and Ap Band in Western Tibet. All this will be done by our travel agency one month before entering Tibet. Military authorization granted by troops, and Foreign Relations & # 39; Permission is granted at the Lhasa Foreign Office. It usually takes 10-15 business days to reach them all.

6. How to deal with a Nepalese visa entry from Tibet? Can I apply for a Nepalese visa in Lepa? It's fast. Կը մերժուի՞ն:

Նեպալը Չինաստանում ունի երկու դեսպանատուն ՝ մեկը Պեկինում, մյուսը ՝ Լհասայում: Ավելի հեշտ և հարմար է Լեպայում նեպալյան վիզայի կարգավորումն այնքան ժամանակ, քանի դեռ համապատասխան եք որոշակի ընթացակարգերի: Եվ հազվադեպ են լինում մերժման դեպքեր: Բայց վիզայի սպաները չեն աշխատում կանոնավոր ժամանակ, այնպես որ ձեզ առաջարկվում է ևս մի քանի օր մնալ Լհասայում ՝ Նեպալի վիզա ստանալու համար դիմելու համար, և ավելի ապահովված է, եթե վիզան եք վարում առաջինը Լհասա ժամանելուց հետո: Նեպալի գլխավոր հյուպատոսությունը գտնվում է Լասայում, Նորբուլինկա պուրակի մոտ: Սովորաբար, վիզան կարող եք ստանալ հաջորդ աշխատանքային օրվա կեսօրին, եթե առաջին օրվա առավոտյան դիմում և անհրաժեշտ փաստաթղթեր ներկայացնեք: Փաստաթղթի ներկայացման ժամանակն է `առավոտյան 10-ից 12-ը, երկուշաբթիից ուրբաթ: Վիզան սպասելու համար հարկավոր է մի երկու օր պլանավորել Լասայում: Վիզա ստանալու ժամանակը սովորաբար ժամը 4-ին է, վիզան ստանալուց հետո կարող եք թռչել Կաթմանդու կամ ուղևորվել դեպի angանգմու սահման ՝ ավտոմեքենաներով կամ ավտոբուսներով:

Լեպայում Նեպալի վիզա ստանալու համար դիմելու համար հարկավոր է նախնական անձնագիր պատրաստել, անձնագրի չափի 2 օրինակ և լրացնել ձևաթուղթ: Ձեր անձնագիրն առնվազն առաջիկա 6 ամիսների համար պետք է վավեր լինի: Կան երեք տեսակի վիզա ՝ ըստ ժամանակաշրջանի, որը նախատեսում եք մնալ Նիալում ՝ 15 օր, 30 օր և 3 ամիս: Եթե ​​դուք մտադիր եք ավելի քան 15 օր մնալ Նեպալում, ապա ավելի լավ է վիզան ստանալ Լհասայում, քանի որ սահմանային գրասենյակը միայն 15 օրվա վիզա է տվել, և համեմատաբար թանկ է մուտքի վիզայի երկարացումը Կաթմանդուում կամ Գորկահայում:

Սահմանին կարող եք ձեռք բերել նաև Նեպալի վիզա: Բարեկամության կամուրջից ոչ հեռու, դուք կարող եք ձեռք բերել մուտքի վիզա 15 օրվա սահմանապահ գրասենյակում 25 ԱՄՆ դոլարով: Անհրաժեշտ է անձնագրի չափի լուսանկար պատրաստել, ինչպես նաև լրացնել ձևաթուղթ:

Ինչ փաթեթավորել.

1. Ի՞նչ դեղեր պետք է ընդունեք Տիբեթ մեկնելիս:

Տիբեթ ժամանելուց հետո առաջին մի քանի օրերի ընթացքում գուցե ինչ-որ չափով կարող եք զգալ բարձրության արձագանք: Սառնամանիքները, անքնությունը և մարսողական խանգարումները տարածված են: Վերցրեք համապատասխան դեղամիջոցներ, որոնք դուք օգտագործում եք կանոնավոր կերպով, ներառյալ ցրտերը, գլխացավը, ստամոքսի ցավը և միջատների խայթոցը, լուծը և այլն, ինչպիսիք են Ասպիրինը, Իբուպրոֆենը, Հակաբիոտիկները, կոկորդի թարթիչները, քթի դեկոնեստանտը և վիտամինները և այլն: նախնական դեղամիջոցները, ինչպիսիք են ասպիրինը և հակադիարբեային դեղահատերը, մատչելի են Լասայում, բայց ավելի դժվար է ձեռք բերել քաղաքային տարածքներից դուրս: Թթվածնի անբավարարությունը հաղթահարելու համար խորհուրդ է տրվում ընդունել բարձրության վրա գտնվող հիվանդության դեղեր: Բերեք դիամոքսային հաբեր, որոնք, կարծում են, որ կարող են արդյունավետորեն կանխել բարձրության հիվանդությունը: Խնդրում ենք նախքան Տիբեթ մեկնելը խորհրդակցեք ձեր բժշկի հետ:

2. Ի՞նչ սնունդ պետք է ընդունեք Տիբեթ ճանապարհորդելիս: Կարող եք վերցնել մի քանի շոկոլադ, չոր տավարի միս, տաք թթու մանանեխի պալար, թխվածքաբլիթ և այլ սնունդ և նախուտեստներ, որոնք ձեզ դուր են գալիս: Դուք ավելի լավ եք ուտել բարձր կալորիականությամբ սնունդ: Կարող եք նաև ձեզ հետ մի քանի մաստակ վերցնել, ինչը կարող է օգնել ազատվել սիգիգմուսի և գլխացավերի ախտանիշից: Տիբեթի հեռավոր վայրեր ճանապարհորդելիս լավ գաղափար է փաթեթավորել որոշ սնունդ, նախուտեստներ և խմելու ջուր: Այս տարածքներում միշտ չէ, որ հեշտ է գտնել սնունդ կամ խմելու ջուր: Waterրի մաքրման սարքավորումները, ինչպիսիք են ձեռքի պոմպի ֆիլտրերը, անհրաժեշտ չեն, քանի որ շիշ շշալցված հանքային ջուրը և եռացրած ջրի ջերմաչափերը մատչելի են ամենուրեք Տիբեթում: Waterրի մաքրման պլանշետները կարող են օգտակար լինել ճանապարհորդության ժամանակ: Լավ գաղափար է ձեր սննդակարգը լրացնելու համար որակյալ մուլտիվիտամին ընդունելը, քանի որ բանջարեղենի և մրգերի մատակարարումը հնարավոր չէ մատչելի լինել:

3. Անհրաժեշտ ապրանքները, որոնք դուք պետք է վերցնեք Տիբեթի անհրաժեշտության դեպքում ՝ արևային ակնոց, գլխարկ, արևի կրեմ, մաշկի կրեմ, շրթնաներկ, երկար թև հագուստ, սվիտեր, անձնագիր, վիզա, փող, վարկային քարտ, տեսախցիկ, կինոնկար, մարտկոցներ, զուգարանակոնքեր, կոսմետիկա , դանակ, ժամացույց, ցերեկային պայուսակ, մեծ ճանապարհորդական պայուսակներ (փափուկ ուղեբեռ), ջրի շիշ, ամսագիր, ընթերցանության գիրք, նյութեր գրելու համար, հեռադիտակում, ընտանեկան նկարներ և խորտիկ սնունդ:

4. Ինչպիսի հագուստ և կոշիկ պետք է վերցվի Տիբեթ ճանապարհորդելիս:


Iplերմաստիճանը մեծապես փոխվում է altiplano- ում: Տիբեթի հյուսիսային մասում մարդիկ ամբողջ տարվա ընթացքում հագնում են հաստ բաճկոններ (ներառյալ հուլիս և օգոստոս, որոնք Չինաստանի տարածքների մեծ մասում ամենաթեժ ամիսներն են): Ամենաբարձր ջերմաստիճանը 4-5 աստիճանով ցենգարիա է հյուսիսային Տիբեթում: Ձյուն է գալիս նաև հուլիս-օգոստոս ամիսներին:

Մեկ օրվա ընթացքում ջերմաստիճանի տարբերությունը մեծ է: Լասայում հուլիս ամսվա ջերմաստիճանը ցերեկը հասնում է 30 աստիճանի ցերեկային մակարդակի, բայց գիշերը ընկնում է մինչև 10 աստիճանի ցերեկային ժամ: Երբեմն գիշերը ձյուն կգա, կամ կցանկանա, ուստի ավելի լավ է վերցնեք որոշ հագուստներ (նրանք ավելի լավ կլինեն գլխարկներ), բրդյա սվիտերներ, տաք ձեռնոցներ, տաք և քամուց պաշտպանված կոշիկներ և գուլպաներ: Հագուստի մի քանի շերտեր, որոնք հեշտությամբ կարելի է ավելացնել կամ հեռացնել, իմաստուն ընտրություն է, քանի որ ջերմաստիճանը կարող է շատ տարբեր լինել մեկ օրվա ընթացքում:

Տիբեթի հյուրանոցների մեծ մասը կենտրոնացված ջեռուցում չունի: Մեկ սենյակներում օդորակիչները լավ չեն աշխատում ցուրտ գիշերը: Ձմռանը ՝ նոյեմբերից հաջորդ մարտ, իհարկե, ձեզ հարկավոր է ցած բերել բաճկոններ, տաք սվիտերներ, ձեռնոցներ, տաք շալվարներ, բրդյա գլխարկներ: Առավոտյան և երեկոյան շատ ցուրտ է: Ամռանը օրվա ընթացքում վերնաշապիկով հագնելը, բայց բաճկոնը անհրաժեշտ է առավոտյան և երեկոյան հյուրանոցում:

Զբոսաշրջության գագաթնակետային սեզոնում ՝ ապրիլ, մայիս, սեպտեմբեր և հոկտեմբեր, դուք պետք է պատրաստեք վերնաշապիկներ, վերնազգեստներ և ջինսե հագուստներ, տաք սվիտերներ: Բացի այդ, այս սեզոնում հաճախակի անձրևաջրերը անջրանցիկ հագուստ և անձրևանոց են դարձնում բացարձակ անհրաժեշտություն:

Նույնիսկ ամռանը հարկավոր է ներքևի վերարկու նրանց համար, ովքեր Լհասայից և Շիգացից այն կողմ ճանապարհորդում են դեպի ավելի հեռավոր վայրեր, ինչպիսիք են «Էվերեստ» ճամբարը: Մի հողմաշապիկ և սվիտեր լավ կաշխատի ամռանը Լասայում շրջելիս:

Փաթեթավորման այլ անհրաժեշտ նյութեր ներառում են չորս կամ հինգ զույգ բամբակյա կամ բրդյա ներքնազգեստ, չորս կամ հինգ զույգ բրդե գուլպաներ, երկար թև բամբակյա կամ թեթև բրդի վերնաշապիկներ և շապիկներ: Կանայք պետք է խուսափեն շրջազգեստներից կամ զգեստներից:

Բացի այդ, երբ այցելում եք Տիբեթ, եթե ձեր ծրագիրը ներառում է գիշերում Everest Base Camp- ում կամ Namtso Lake- ում կամ լեռնային տարածքում մի քանի օր բացօթյա ճանապարհորդություն, ջերմություն պահելը շատ կարևոր է: Ձմեռային հագուստը պարտադիր է: Այնուամենայնիվ, ձեզ հարկավոր չէ չափազանց շատ անհանգստանալ հագուստից, կարող եք գնել ցանկացած տեսակի հագուստ, որը ձեզ հարկավոր է Լհասայում, և հագուստը բավականին էժան է:


Շատ կարևոր է ամուր հարմարավետ զույգ կոշիկ ունենալը, հատկապես ձեր ճանապարհորդությունը ծածկում է հեռավոր տարածքը, և դուք պետք է քայլեք երկար հեռավորության վրա: Օրինակ, եթե ձեր ճանապարհորդությունը հասնում է Էվերեստի բազայի ճամբար, ապա ձեզ հարկավոր է ծածկել Ռոնգուկի վանքից 8 կմ հեռավորության վրա մինչև EBC և հետ կանգնել: Թեթև կոշիկները լավ են, բայց Տիբեթը կարող է թաց լինել, և մենք կկատարենք լայնածավալ քայլում, այնպես որ համոզվեք, որ ձեր կոշիկները լավ տեղավորվում են և հարմար են ցրտին ու փուչիկներին: Դուք նաև պետք է ունենաք զույգ հարմարավետ և կոշտ սանդալներ:

5. Ի՞նչ վկայագրեր և փաստաթղթեր պետք է վերցնեմ ինձ հետ Տիբեթ մեկնելիս:

Իհարկե, դուք պետք է ձեզ հետ վերցնեք անձնագիր, Չինաստանի վիզա և Տիբեթ ճանապարհորդության թույլտվություն: Կամ դուք շահել եք & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

Ընդհանուր առմամբ կան չորս փաստաթղթեր, որոնք անհրաժեշտ են օտարերկրյա զբոսաշրջիկների համար, ովքեր ցանկանում են ազատ ճանապարհորդել Տիբեթում.

Չինական վիզա. Դուք կարող եք դիմել ձեր երկրում Չինաստանի դեսպանատանը.

Տիբեթի մուտքի թույլտվություն – Այն տրված է Տիբեթի զբոսաշրջության բյուրոյի կողմից և պարտադիր է Տիբեթ մուտք գործող օտարերկրացիների համար.

Travelանապարհորդության թույլտվություն. Այն պահանջվում է այն ժամանակ, երբ դուք նախատեսում եք ճանապարհորդել Տիբեթի փակ շրջաններ, և այն կարող եք ստանալ Տիբեթ ժամանելուց հետո:

Ռազմական թույլտվություն. Դուք պետք է ստանաք, եթե նախատեսում եք մեկնել ռազմական զգայուն շրջաններ:

7 Ways to Reduce Next Road Expenses for Your Next Financing Stage

You are launching a financing cycle to provide cash to boost your startup or take your existing company to the next level. If you've tried and failed all sources, you can try without leaving your office, and you just have to travel through the following seven suggestions to get you there and back without doing it with your arm and prayer, and without your bank balance too much in pounds.

  1. Why are you booking this whole trip? Yes, I know you couldn't get funding sitting in the office. But that is why you travel, not why you book it. Get involved with a travel agent. They are specialists, and you are not. Every trade has its tricks, and the tourism business is no different. Provide information on a list of dates and destinations and let the country make the effort. You can save time with family by having the difficulty of staying away for another trip. Hey, I just say …
  2. Define the rules. Don't let a travel agent take you up on high-end hotels and sophisticated pillow listings and in-room saunas. You try to make cash at this stage of financing, not spend it. The hotel room is one or two nights sleeping. You are not moving in. Set a budget and work on it. Being clear from the beginning will help them to help you.
  3. Get on the chain grouping. There is something comforting in the acquaintance, and this is what you will find if you work with the same hotel chain. What's more, the more comforting thing is that you'll be able to turn to loyalty schemes that will make your trip cheaper. We are trying to raise money here. See tip 2.
  4. Travel light. You can move faster if you are running light. Get your wrap in fine art and manage it with a carrying bag. Be sure that this is the size that airlines will accept, and you may be the first to get a taxi high when the flight landed, rather than scrutinizing the stumps around the luggage carousel. Look, it's starting again … I wonder if your case went to Birmingham, UK, not Birmingham, Alabama? Maybe that's why it hasn't appeared yet … Oops …
  5. Eat. What a crazy piece of advice this is! Why eat out when you stay at a hotel? Well, actually a couple of reasons. First, if you have tightened your budget, you may be staying in a hotel without a restaurant, but even if you are not, going out in the evening will bring you some exercise as you go around. the right kind of food, and secondly, you will get the smell of the city you visit, and it will not work. Free exercise and sightseeing. What he doesn't like.
  6. Whose money is it anyway?? If you are in the hunt for finances, then it is probably your job to complete the bill, so consider this. How to pay for your own food? This is what you would like to do at home for groceries or restaurant selection, so why do the same for business trips? In a perfect scheme of things, this can save just a few pennies, but hey, everyone will increase profitability, even if only a little. Travel travel expense management software is a great tool for keeping track of your expenses, allowing you to be assured that you were worth the money.
  7. Well, you win. So you want to do it for yourself, booking all these trips malicious. Go ahead, but do me a favor. Use some travel and expense management programs. Failure to do so means that everything will go out of control, and no matter what the plane ticket says, you do not know where you are financially.

5 Reasons to Pack Your Bags and Travel: Now or never.

Breaking the monotony of life is the best feeling ever. You create better ways for yourself and have better experiences to share, but most of all you develop a better understanding of life.

If you still have questions about how you can break the boredom of life, then you should travel, because that is your mind, and that is the only thing that can calm your body. So stop everything you do and know these 5 reasons that convince you to travel.

It changes the way you connect with yourself – Trave travel makes you know the deeper meaning of your life. It enables you to relate to yourself and how you control your life. You can even develop a deeper sense of dedication to save our planet and future generations, after all, you've seen it yourself, and it's worth saving.

It changes the way we connect with each other – We all have grown up imagining diversity, but traveling makes you feel better. You will be able to connect with more people in a better way and may also take the initiative to create some form of balance in the world. The key to everything is ultimately to be able to relate to the things you see around you.

It makes you realize that life is not just about youyou You will also see yourself and your better version of all the other products around you. You will see that the world is much bigger than your perception of it. You will soon realize that the world is not around you. You will learn that in reality you are not the world you need, you are just little little knowledge.

It scares you without having to face new challenges – Traveling at times puts you in a difficult situation, and this is necessary when you have to take some bold steps, make decisions and take on challenges. You meet your true self when you travel, and at the end of the journey you are a better and better person capable of deciphering the meaning of life without fear of failure.

It pushes your educational horizons – There's a lot to learn when you're traveling, but most of all, you don't have to just travel, it pushes your educational horizons. You learn new things and gather more valuable information about places, things, and people by creating a complete travel magazine.

And one last reason – because you've got one life, and you have to live it pretty gently.