Best and worst times to travel to Europe

When planning a European trip, check your arrival and departure dates and see if they take into account peak, outbound and shoulder tours.

Peak areas are the times when most travelers fly to and from countries, and those times usually coincide with school holidays, Christmas, Easter and New Year. The country you fly will also have unique times for that country, so expect flights and shelters to be heavily booked and tickets will be more expensive. This peak period generally covers the end of December-January (due to the Christmas holiday) and the end of June-August (summer break). Traveling around Christmas can be difficult as plane ticket prices go up and ski resorts start to overflow. Public transport is also cut in many areas, as only a few trains leave on Christmas Day. The "shoulder season" is in the spring and fall, and the low or "off-season" periods are usually the remaining months and winters.

If you have limited time to see Europe, your best bet is to fly up and out. The prices are almost lower, and the travel conditions are excellent as you can avoid crowds and overestimates. If you have a lot of time to spend in Europe, try flying in the low season when the fares are cheap, so you have more money to spend on your leisure time. It is always a good idea to leave 3-4 months in advance to start checking your airline tickets. Airlines are starting discounts to reward early books and there is plenty of time to wait if you think they are too high. The cheapest ticket prices can appear at any time on the net or in your ticket office. And while you are at it, make sure you have booked your place 6 months before 2 weeks before leaving. It's a good idea to book a hotel for your arrival and departure days. The rest can be booked after that. Also remember to check for travel hazards and updates. Your government and insurance company can draw the line if you visit a particular area that has been warned you about. Keep up-to-date on the dangers and riots in the country you visit and make last-minute updates to check conditions immediately before departure.

For most seasoned travelers, the best time to visit Europe is from April to June and September to October, when the weather is still warm, the holiday crowds are gone, and accommodation and transport are regularly increasing.

In contrast, only the worst time to visit many parts of Europe (especially western and southern countries) is August. This is when many Europeans leave and spend their vacations in neighboring countries as well. Cities can be wilderness, and as a result residential prices are firing up and finding a bed can be very difficult. Buses and trains will often be replenished, and crossing the country can be a struggle to get a place. Even most tourist shops can be closed because the owners have gone on vacation. There is little doubt that July and August are Europe's busiest months (mainly because of Americans on vacation), and it will take a lot of patience and money. Avoid these months as much as possible. If you really need to travel in high season, your best practice is to stay away from big cities and choose off-road cities and villages and indulge in local culture.

To enjoy the most expensive annual vacation, insurance is a must

As Christmas comes, but once a year; a long-awaited event for which you have been saved, worked hard, and diligently planned to provide perfection. We & # 39; we are talking about your annual vacation. Insurance may be the last thing on your mind as you contemplate this long-awaited event, but you really need to give it more than a passing thought.

As always as there are apricots to spoil your birthday, there are things that can happen to spoil your annual vacation. Insurance may not be as interesting as where you will go and what you will do, but it is just as important.

Here are some ways to make sure you are properly covered.

Package tour protection

One of the biggest worries for Trave travelers is the company they booked for after their annual vacation with Bobbost. Insurance contracts that include "provider failure" and "scheduled airline insurance" or SAFi can help alleviate those fears.

Under UK law, all package tour companies are obliged to guarantee a full and complete return through the ATOL bond system, but this only covers your annual vacation after departure. Insurance coverage helps make sure that if the provider folds, you are covered for expenses that include transformed flights, delays and extended accommodation.

Free booked vacation protection

If you make all the arrangements yourself, a comprehensive policy becomes more important. Independent bookings are not covered by UK returns regulations (such as under the ATOL or ABTA schemes), so coverage is imperative to protect against significant financial losses.

Skiing or Snowboarding Vacation Protection

Skating and snowboarding are often considered risky activities under regular policy, so you may need to obtain additional, specialized cover if they are in your planned activity. This policy covers special incidents related to skiing and snowboarding, such as injury treatment, as well as providing pilot rescue and air transportation. If you break your leg, you may require a helicopter. Equipment such as skis and snowboards can also be covered by specialized cover.

Golf Vacation Protection

While regular policies will certainly cover injuries and illnesses during golf, they may be enough to cover gloves, clubs and other specialized equipment. Maybe you should play special golf & # 39; policy to make sure you are adequately compensated if they are lost, stolen or damaged.

Protection for navigation

Since navigation is definitely different from your typical break, the policy needs to be different too. Unlike regular vacations, cruises require many stops in different countries, so you will definitely need world wide coverage. Moreover, many regular policies have limits on how many days & # 39; Stay tuned for a specific destination, so having a specific navigation policy makes sense. The cruise liner also offers extended protection for older travelers, as well as delays, delays and cancellations due to bad weather.

Travel travel insurance. You are covered

You are planning to travel soon. Should You Buy Travel Insurance? It's a difficult call, is it worth spending extra money on? You are over 50 years old. Travel travel insurance increases significantly when you grow up. If you spend a lot of money on travel, travel insurance is a must.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Travel travel insurance covers the following basics:

  • Cancellation or interruption of the trip

  • Medical:

  • Emergency evacuation

  • Luggage:

  • Flight delays and cancellations

Travel travel insurance. What does it mean to you?

Canceling a trip is about canceling before a trip, while a trip interruption is about a problem during the trip. What if you or one of your companions gets injured or gets sick and you need to cancel your plans? This is the case when travel insurance comes to the rescue.

What to do if you have emergency medical care? Think your health insurance is covered. You Can Be But most medical insurance does not cover you outside the United States. Medicare never covers you when you travel abroad. Find out if you are covered when you visit your next destination.

What if you are sick and need ventilation? Or your flight home needs medical attention. This can be very expensive.

You've arrived at your destination just to find out you have no luggage. What if you are ready to navigate? What now? Travel travel insurance will pay for essential items until your luggage is found and delivered to you. What to do if it is never seen? Make sure you have a list of items packed for your trip. Even better, keep as many of these items as possible. If your luggage has been stolen, make sure you submit a police report. This will help in claiming insurance.

Did you arrive at the airport just to find out that your flight was delayed? What if the delay misses the connecting flight? Travel travel insurance will reimburse you for hotel rest and meals while waiting for your next flight. But what if your flight leaves on time and you fall into traffic and don't leave your flight? You probably won't be covered.

Travel travel insurance. I really need to.

Check the policy of your homeowner. It may already cover things like lost luggage. Be sure to check the maximum amount of coverage as it may be limited to payment. Check your health insurance and find out what is covered when traveling from home. Check if you are covered while traveling abroad. Finally, check your credit card coverage. Some credit cards will provide a limited amount of insurance if the trip is ordered with their credit card. If you have an airline credit card, check their coverage. They can be better covered if you travel with them. But credit cards may not be enough to turn you into a home. Both health insurance and credit cards usually do not cover travel emergencies.

When you decide you need travel insurance, read the print edition. Check to see if there are any insurance coverage restrictions before your trip. Find out if the whole length of your trip is covered. Make sure your destination is covered. If the government warns you not to visit a particular country, you may not be covered if you go there.

What to do if you get sick? Make sure you list all the drugs you are currently taking. Failure to do so may invalidate your policy. What if a family member returns home sick and wants a short trip? Most travel insurance policies do not cover this until it is a death in the family. There is an option called "cancellation for any reason". If you have elderly relatives at home, you may want to consider this option for peace of mind. This will allow you to take a short journey and return home for any reason. Even if you've just changed your mind and decided not to.

Check out the good print and decide if buying travel insurance is right for you. Can you be glad you did?

Travel travel insurance for bags and expeditions

If you have a tour in mind and want to travel for free, then a good travel insurance keeper is something you should consider before traveling. Bag trips are a bit riskier than usual planned trips. Thus, in such a case, good storage travel insurance becomes a mandatory criterion for effort-free travel.

Most insurers do not know all the benefits of insurance because they are unaware, but these insurance policies help in many ways.

Backpacker insurance policies are generally for those with a low budget. You do not have to pay for high insurance for regular insurance, but you will definitely get basic insurance with backpacker travel insurance policy. It covers you and your luggage at a much lower price, as this type of insurance is designed for bags that are known for their low budget and unplanned travel schedules.

Before you go, you need to know the backpack insurance policy and its features.

Features of Backpacker Travel Insurance

There are several important features and coverage that can be provided by back travel insurance policy:

  • Due to unexpected unexpected unexpected reasons you will have to extend the trip, the insurer also covers it.
  • All year round you get all-day coverage, no matter what time or circumstances.
  • If you get sick while traveling, all medical expenses will be covered by backpack insurance providers. Most of the time such insurance policies also cover personal incidents that occur while traveling (please confirm this before purchasing insurance from your insurer).
  • Many travel insurance companies allow you to choose what they don't want to cover and ask for the things they want to cover. This flexibility is an added advantage for insurers.
  • Many travel insurance companies provide the insurer with the option of actually wanting to be included in their policy. This flexibility is an added advantage for insurers.
  • Many expeditions for winter sports, some for Scuba Diving. Such adventurous sports have great risks that can cause you physical harm. Blades are also available as an option for such sports. You can add such sports coverages to your existing insurance for added security.
  • You can extend coverage at any time by sitting at your computer in front of your computer.
  • Make sure the insurance coverage covers the place you plan to travel to. Some travel travel insurance companies only offer insurance policies for a specific country.

Now the biggest traveler that all travelers in general are asking, "Do I really need a backpack insurance policy? And it's really worth it. "

Backpacker travel insurance is certainly recommended if you fall into one of these categories

  • You travel alone to the places you expect.
  • Your travel schedule is unexpected and never planned.
  • You have a medical history or you are over 50 years old.

Backpacking is certainly an adventure trip, but it also has its risks. Backpackers are very prone to injuries, theft and related issues. There are some possible problems with which the backpacks can be easily covered. These are:

Cancellation of tour: Due to many problems, trips are canceled many times. Sometimes because of bad weather and sometimes for some personal reason, he has to cancel his trip.

Emergency medical care. Backpacks are prone to problems such as food poisoning, diarrhea and other infections. Such diseases can lead to serious health problems that can be covered by insurance.

Accidents. Accidents are widespread and can occur at any time. Insurance covers not only your injury, but also the person affected by your mistake.

Theft or theft. The backpack usually travels alone. They also stay on budget hotels. All of them are prone to things like luggage theft and robbery.

Given the current global scenario, which is not completely safe, you need to have proper back passenger insurance.

Backpacker's insurance policy can be useful for any traveler who wants to travel for free. So what are you waiting for? Get traveler bag insurance for you and turn around for free

That's why the conversation about healthy business travel should change

There is a difference between Jet Lagged and Jet Stress. It's the same difference between chronic and acute. One is acute and the other is chronic. Ethernet stress is, in fact, chronically acute. The value of this distinction is only what distinguishes those who fly well and those who do not. A second valuable consideration of our case is the following: Any time a Man has conquered or flourished in his own environment, taking with him his own environment. To defeat the silence of the plane it is in all your ways, and I have to do the same, frequent flights than the others. A regular conversation on the subject of flight often repeats expressions such as body clock and melatonin, without any change in outcome or progress. Conversations in the tooth are long-lasting with the same tired advice: get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, and keep your mind active. Old women's fairy tales and personal healing posters exist alongside solid scientific data. The masses of frequent flights and travelers are a mess and struggle to share and understand often confusing information. It hurts productivity, personal health, relationships and the end of global business.

The most intense frequent flights hold the key

I once read some good business tips that preached the value of food to the extremes of a targeted audience. The notion was that if they were provided for all the demographics remaining in that target market, they would be well treated. Frequent business flights are representative of this extreme. An article in Wired Magazine * describes one-year business travel trips that show the intensity of frequent flight schedules. The goals of business travelers – maximizing productivity on the road, making the right impressions, closing the deal and staying healthy – bring home the urgency of the actual conversation.

An unhealthy flight does not pay what the costs are

The price we pay for frequent flight challenges and related problems outweighs the benefits. Values ​​are measured on a personal and global business scale. You can measure it on a personal scale: weight gain, insomnia, fatigue, fatigue, adrenal stress, hormone abnormalities, the idea of ​​conception and the list goes on and on. Costs for global business are measured by lost productivity in the millions of dollars. A 2003 New York Times survey * estimated that hard-working travelers lost about 20 percent of their productivity due to transgender travel. Recently, the White Paper on AirPlus Traveler Productivity also highlights the link between business travel and productivity.

Solutions need upgrades

In the short run of global business travel and globalization, many advances and efficiencies have been made in the field of civil aviation. Trading machines and planes have seen many changes, including a new generation of fly-by-wire technologies and fuel-efficient aircraft to take us to the 21st century. Contrast that with the difficulty of frequent business flight, healthy flying tips have remained static. There was no respect for pressures and demands at the workplace. The global mobile workforce is on the rise to see World Wide Web ERC *.

Look at Hollywood as an example of what I mean by this. A script is being created, a movie is being filmed, the seats are being scouted, and the cast is continuing to shoot. Going to places is a coincidence of the results of your searches, whether it be a movie or a business meeting. However, the quality of the finished product can be so dependent on the participants' well-being. As globalization makes the world smaller and calls for united groups to come together in the short term for the common cause, the need to be fully operational and effective is a conditional need for success.

Pharmaceutical interventions are really the only show in town.

The loudest voice ever heard in this conversation was the sound of the pharmaceutical industry. Its representative was Cefalone's failed bid * to allow the FDA to authorize the sale of Nuvigil as an aircraft delay. It speaks to the default mode of operation: the pill designed for each patient and classifies the reactive collapse from the expensive inconvenience to the disease. This brings me to the point I want to make: Living better through chemistry has its limits. The whole idea that you can constantly take your own drugs on the fly and advance your career. The mobility of the workforce and globalization on the horizon must make it so far obvious. Any talk of treatment for Jet transient problems should have an element of stability about it, and this is where the current approaches come from.

Let's start with the first question

The required change in tone of conversation is not complete without looking at the definition that we give reactive silence. Until now it was characterized as a whole clock for another part of the clock to exclude something else. How useful this is, it limits the creativity we can bring to a lasting solution. Discussion should include a Jet Lag 101 course asking what the whole plane is like. How does it affect you differently? How can you be responsible for your solution? What guiding principles and methodologies can we all relate to and use? Without this first step we are doomed to view the same information but expect a different response. Scientific data is useful for disseminating reactive silence mechanisms, but we need to look beyond it to find a practical solution. Just to be clear, any sustainable methodology must be able to withstand scientific scrutiny to gain acceptance and credibility. However, it starts with an inclusive discussion, rather than an old understanding of the current, dynamic and changing environment and conditions.


Wired Magazine – New Age Traveler Infoporn # 14 October 2010

The New York Times:

– Business Travel Department, 2003 November

– Regulators reject ep's offer

AirPlus International Travel Productivity White Paper

Worldwide ERC – Workforce Mobility Association

– Revival of value. A closer look at business travel trends

Travel to Laos and get a glimpse of the integrity of nature

There are many places in the world where people travel for the sole purpose of experiencing natural relaxation and architectural grandeur. Laos is one of those places in the world. People come to this country to discover the secrets of beauty in nature. The country is rich in its natural bounty and architectural values. People have a different view of Laos. That's why it's an interesting place to visit for everyone. There are many places to visit in this country. Here are some of the most exciting destinations that you have discussed to get you started.

· Luang Prabang:

If you are looking for a place that offers extreme comfort with its atmosphere, then you should visit Luang Prabang. It is one of the most popular cities in the Southeast Asian region. For Offers Travelers it offers the best lodging in this country. In this city you can experience the true traditional beauty and grandeur of Lao. In ancient times it was the royal capital of that country. The golden roof temples will disappoint you with your splendor. Travel to Laos and see the royalty of this place.

· Mekong River.

Mekong is the largest river in the Southeast Asia region. People in this area worship this river as a goddess. People love the shores and beauty of this wild river. It offers several exotic destinations for travelers. There is a river for travelers to this area. One of the most effective ways to enjoy nature is to choose a boat trip.

· Wang Weng.

It is an exotic river bank in this country. It is an easily accessible option for bus travelers. For Offers travelers it offers many hotels. The dramatic landscapes of Karst Hill in this area offer people memorable moments with their loved ones. The hill climbers come to this place for their most memorable experience of climbing a hill. In fact, travelers can also enjoy hill climbing with the help of experts at this place.

· CNN:

It is a beautiful set of islands. The amazing beauty of this place attracts thousands of foreign travelers every year. This place is located in the south of Laos. It has a small population and offers a pleasant hospitality to travelers. There you can experience some family runways offered for travelers. You can undoubtedly enjoy a few days of endless happiness in your own world.

So if you want to take a vacation in the wilderness of nature, then you have to travel to Laos. It will certainly offer you the best days of your life. Just find a reliable tour operator and have a great time in this country.

Is Travel Nurse Risks and Rewards?

Internationally, especially in America, there is a shortage of nurses. Due to higher standards of living in developed countries, many people live longer and wait for treatment. This expectation of help makes the demand for nurses far higher than before.


Travel Travel Nursing is hired temporarily to work in a health facility like many nurses specialties. However, the characteristic aspect of this profession is that it includes temporary jobs in the United States.

The Travel Travel Nurse must root, pack items, fill out a large number of documents, and then leave the place where they came to call home.


An important part of being a Travel Travel Nurse is the number of documents involved. Must have appropriate licenses, medical care specialties, and quality health care. Usually, when the documents on these issues are resolved, they will not have to be completed for a long time. Often nursing agencies will accept others & # 39; travel documents for a nurse approved for travel.

Why would anyone choose this lifestyle?

They do it for adventure, money, and cunning. Some people will want to travel before they die. They want to visit other states and observe the culture there. These people urge us to experience new climatic conditions and environments.


They need to satisfy their desire for adventure. Becoming a Travel Nurse suffers from this hunger. They travel from their location and can see sights when they are not saving lives.


Travel travel nurses are also prone to higher salary levels than regular nurses. Frequently nursing agencies will assist travel nurses by providing rented vehicles, covering travel costs, renting a home, and providing health insurance. Some of these deals can be really sweet with very nice benefits.


However, they should always try to quantify their monetary value. All fees are paid for it, but usually the amount the nurse would have to deduct is deducted. Free items are not free as much as taken from a nurse's inquest.

After all, those bites could come from the large sums of money the nurse is using. Thus, a prospective travel nurse should carefully follow the suggestions, especially when they affect the months of her life.

The Per Nursing Nurse who has to be cautious is one of the tax apartments. This is basically a home base, where the nurse returns to work. There are several very difficult ways to do this, so if a nurse is offered a tax-free apartment, they should research the subject and get tax advice.

Being a travel nurse is certainly a difficult job. There needs to be a specialist who can be called to different places in the United States to help others. This is a difficult lifestyle, but also rewarding. Nursing and healing skills are kept as high as hospitals around the country want.

Safari in South Africa – Superb Matjiesfontein is a must.

Safari in South Africa 2 hours and half an hour north of Cape Town, traveling through some of the most spectacular scenery, and you will reach the historic city of Matifsfenten.

For some, the idea of ​​traveling 180 minutes to reach their destination overwhelms the object, but I felt I had to incorporate Matjiesfontein into a day trip for pure magnetism, breathtaking views that were so different from the rest. West Cape, South Africa and its special place in the history of the area. To miss is to miss something unique. The Journey is so worth the trip, I know you'll want to thank me, not for chasing me for sending you wild goose chase.

Leaving the Franschhoek and Stellenbosch wineries behind you, head up to the Huguenot tunnel or the stunning Du Toits Pass unforgettable path. Crossing is worth a visit, though it adds another 11 miles to your trip. The tunnel is one of the most complex tunnels in the world that cuts across four kilometers of mountains. Maybe one way you go on an exterior trip, the other one on the way back.

Towards the Hek River Valley, to the Hek River Mountains, which rise up to 2,490 meters and are often snow-covered in winter. Here lies the abundance of fertile soil, growing a huge number of crops, fruits and wines.

A number of magnificent passages link the Little Caru to the Great Carou, in particular, the Swartberg Pass is considered to be the most spectacular sight in the world after the Darjeeling Pass in Asia.

During the first inspection, Mateesfontini seemed to be insignificant and remote, as it was located in the desert, but during subsequent inspection its roots were firmly planted in the history of the country and indeed in the continent.

1884 saw the Matjiesfontein as a small railway stop in the depths of Caru. At that time, the Government Rail had reached the Kimberley diamond fields. As it happened, there were no cars on the trains, and when they stopped filling up with water and coal, the passengers went in search of their own food.

Realizing the potential for the "flood", young Scottish James James Logan bought the land and thought about his ideas. The happy result is Matjiesfontein.

Contemporary fashionable people, such as Rudyard Kipling and Lord Randolph Churchill, have visited the air. It was useful for people with chest complaints, being warm, simple, and dry. Logan was a shrimp fan and loved to bring teams to stay here. The village boasts a large grassy field next to the Transport Museum, which used to be a cricket field. It was in this field that the first international cricket match played in South Africa was played.

What to see during your visit? Well, arriving in Matjiesfontein is more like a breakthrough in time. The turn of the century, that 20th century, Victorian luxury with the magnificent Lord Miller Hotel, staging a central stage.

The golden age of grace and elegance is alive and well, and there are modern means of living here that take nothing away. Take your choice of evening venues, either at Lord Milner's or Laird & # 39; s Arms Victorian Tavern. The coffee house also provides breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, all of which can be taken in the beautiful courtyard.

You might want to go around the village on a London two-storey bus, which travels daily with a bus driver who doubles as a cute storyteller. John O'Neill also takes you to the Lord Miller Hotel.

The original post office is still in operation and will be helpful to accompany the Curio store for souvenirs, as well as items that may have been forgotten by hotel guests.

Visit museums and immerse yourself in the past

The Karoo National Park boasts magnificent masses of sprinkle, wildebeest, deer, and ostrich, including a magnificent black eagle and shy eagle. Five turtle species also find their home here, the largest in any conservation area in the world. Take the fossil trail or discover Bushmen's pictures.

Time seems to be lazily turning around in this quiet, small flood. Take a step into the enormous executioner of today's life and spend time in an increasingly peaceful age. Soak up the atmosphere and air and let it softly relieve your stresses and tensions. You won & # 39;

Air travel guides for your pet

Even pets, especially dogs and cats, can safely travel around the country. But it's important to know that not all flights allow pets to travel by air. So if you are interested in air travel with your pet then you should consult with the concerned airline before making any plans. There are certain policies that need to be implemented.

So there are some regulations regarding the time when a pet can travel. They are designated by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your pet, you must comply with all rules.

How to move your pet

There are different ways to transport your pet to the air.

1. Because some airlines allow animals to be transported to the cabin, the animal must remain inside the carrier throughout the journey. But if you are accepting any other pet, dog or cat, then you should consult with the airline concerned. You must comply with FAA rules.

2. The second way is that some airlines allow the pet to be carried along with the luggage. But it is important that the passenger has to travel with a pet that cannot move alone.

3. Another option is that the pet may be moved as a "Live Pets", meaning that the pet may travel either by cargo or by special services provided by airlines. Some airlines provide the opportunity to appoint a specialist to handle customer inquiries.

These were just ways you could transport your pet to the air. But you have to understand that even pets need to be prepared before boarding. The first thing to remember is that your pet needs to be comfortable enough to handle the stress of long journeys. Also feed her two hours before departure.

Most importantly, the pet container should be properly ventilated. For efficient travel, you can provide proper food and water facilities. Numerous pet areas have now been organized to connect the flights. Therefore it is very easy to take your pet wherever you go.

All of this was about pet travel tips for you. So I hope you enjoy the good experience of traveling with your pet. Travel the best and luxurious with your family and pet.

Top 10 destinations for Indian travelers

Summer is here, the sun is here. The holidays are just around the corner, and the time has come to pack my bags and heads overseas. This time you can go to the content of your heart as travel is cheaper and there are many options to study.


Colombo is easily one of the most popular places for Indians. A few hours away, Colombo's dense forests and stunning museums are about to leave you frustrated.

Required. Be careful with some large purchases of semiprecious stones and therapeutic oils.


We love to visit Singapore. It is home to favorites such as Sentosa Island, Maria Bay and the Singapore Biennale. It is popular for arts, culture and entertainment events throughout the year.

Should be. Be always in the right place on the Marina Lands highway in the Lion King Sands.

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur is a cost-effective weekend getaway with a four-hour flight from New Delhi. The towers of the Petronas Gemini represent a new height every time and compete for attention with the ancient temples of KL.

Required. Overnight at Petaling Street, China, for business deals.


Be part of the traditional Kava ceremony in one of Fiji's small islands or plan a day out for the Sabeto mud pool, an activity that children will always try.

Required. Buy Jack's crafts for Tapa products in Nadi.


Fishing and submarine tours with exquisite views of the fish and coral reefs that Maldives is all about. Take a break from the Sultan's Park and National Museum for a while to explore the unknown wonders of the Maldives.

Required. Every Maldives resort has a spa. Rejuvenation in either of them is mandatory.

Bhutan (Thimphu)

Bhutan or Thimphu are a great attraction for Indians. Imagine a trip that coincides with the annual Tsechu Festival, where there is an hour or mask dance.

Required. Visit the forests of Bhutan to find rare gardening wonders, such as carnivorous plants, blue tulips and giant bush.


Romance, romance, romance. Nothing better defines this city. Sunset by boat, night view of the 2000 light bulbs on the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge cabaret make Paris the elegant city it is.

A Must: Louvre, Le Lido, French cuisine, Shampoo Elysian tours or behind the Eiffel Tower, at the largest LV store possible, visit one of the concept shops. Everything is mandatory here.

Hong Kong

Enjoy Victoria Peak via Peak Tram, enjoy a quick cup of tea at Lin Heung Tea House and visit Temple Street Night Market for authentic Chinese products.

Required. Disneyland's visit to Hong Kong obliges all Indians to make a compulsory visit as it is our closest violence.


Your residence in this historic city can start with a cool note in the Villa Borghese garden. Visit the remnants of the mighty Roman Empire at the Domus Arena in the Coliseum Pantheon.

Required. The Vatican City, one of the most sacred sites of Christia, and home of Pope Benedict XVI.


Visit Switzerland, visit Geneva. Enjoy spectacular views of the mansions and monuments, the Lake Geneva floral clock and the Dardagni vineyard.

Required. For the kids in the Ura Mountains, skiing is a very enjoyable experience.