The best books for the best summer vacation fun trio

Summers are perfect for vacations. Snoozing with the kids at home and in the weather during the week, this is when you need to pack your bags and head to the village for the perfect weekend getaway.
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That would be the best thing to do, unfortunately sometimes we have to settle for the second best. And if you can’t get a physical vacation, you can definitely buy cheap travel books online and slip into your own private vacation and try to make it through the eyes of the author. For all your hard-working people who can’t get a vacation this summer, here’s a list of 3 great travel books that you can order right now for cheap online. Let’s get started.
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Unbelievable Goals: Lonely Planet Story:

If you live by traveling, you must hear the brand of the world’s most famous travel guide, The Lonely Planet. The company began in the 1970s, and this book chronicles the founders’ history as they embarked on their journey from England and traveled the globe until the 21st century, gathering vital tourism information and developing their business.
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This is a book about the fun of mixed travel in the fight for business and the overall fascinating story you can pick up for summer reading.
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Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth M. Gilbert

Eat, pray, love is not your usual outbound guide, but we can’t talk about travel books and miss this one. The book is a reminder of a woman who refused to break up with her divorce and the ensuing depressions. Elizabeth Gilbert embarks on a world journey to explore the three different aspects of her nature: pleasure, devotion, and the balance between secularism and divinity.
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The books take her to Italy, where Gilbert explores a country known for its romantic projects. He then travels to India, where he draws closer to his inner self, and finally lands in Bali, Indonesia, where he balances his life. Gilbert is an honest author, and he does not rush to reveal human weaknesses. If you want an honest reminder of a woman on an exotic trip to find her identity, you should order this book online now.

In a sun-drenched country. Bill Bryson
If you’ve never been to Australia, this amazing Bryson book will make you sure that you are in hell planning a trip to the land of kangaroos. Bill Bryson is a prolific travel writer, and his books are almost all great, so picking each one up is a challenge in itself. This is notable for the fact that there are not many travel special books in Australia that are as good as this one.
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Shut down the pages and you’ll be psyched next to Down Under, Bill going through the fascinating and sometimes intriguing scare experiences of jellyfish, dealing with fraud, crossing canyons, overcoming the fear of snakes, crocodiles and spiders. Australia is a huge country filled with great people and natural sights passing through Bryson. You can get this book cheap online today at any store.
We are sure that these books will make your summer vacation a lost one. Check out these books at your local book seller or buy cheap travel books online. Please also note that we have missed a travel book that you think should be on this list.
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