Basic and complete Bali travel list

Bali's Basic and Complete Travel List

Passports, tickets and visas

If you have Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Chile, HK, Macao, Brunei, Morocco or Peru, you do not need a visa to enter Bali.

For all other passport holders, you will need $ 25 upon arrival (valid for 30 days and renewable) for the visa to arrive. Your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia, and you must have proof of passage of goods (either by return or by ticket).

When leaving Bali, you will have to pay 150,000 R / s for one person at the airport. You pay it not in US dollars but in rupees. Set aside this money and don't spend it on purchases.

Pro Tip. If you want to avoid queues and luggage collection, use the Bali Concierge Airport VIP service for a VIP experience. For $ 50, they will escort you to your arrival gate, take all visa items, and put your bags through immigration while you wait in the bar and enjoy snacks.

Travel insurance

Insurance is mandatory when traveling anywhere. Especially like Bali, where you will most likely do outdoor activities, ride scooters, and travel. You don't want to squeeze in without insurance. We recommend using a reputable insurance company, such as Zuji, which has taken over Allianz.


Even try Indonesia is very strict on drug laws and even imposes a death penalty for drug trafficking. There is a plain clothes police who also patrol the streets looking for sellers and users. In fact, don't even try, otherwise you'll end up like Bali 9 or Schapelle Corby.

Credit Cards

Bring it on, but be careful It is always good to have a credit card with you when traveling, especially for those unexpected expenses. Don't forget to tell your credit card company that you are traveling and give them your foreign contact details: Otherwise, they may invalidate or suspend your card on suspicion of fraud. When using credit cards in Bali make sure it is only on legitimate credit card search devices. Beware of devices that are "open" and steal your card information. Avoid places that use carbon copy units of the old type. Any proper place should have an electronic unit. Field rule: If you are not sure, just use cash.

Stay Healthy and Avoid Bali Belly

Indonesia is a developing country, and as such does not have the standards of sanitation and health that we expect in developed countries. It is recommended to be vaccinated for hepatitis A, typhoid and influenza. It is better to consult a local doctor about vaccines. Potassium water is not recommended for drinking, so the infamous "cherry belly" does not stay on bottled water. If you want to be very careful, use your bottled water to brush your teeth. Avoid ice-cold drinks and small batteries (dishes). But ice from a convenience store or bar should be good.

Alcohol and drinks

Alcohol can be quite expensive, with the exception of the local Bintang beer (similar to Heineken and owned by it), which is refreshingly tasty and dirty, and the awful pimple that drives Arak, most of the alcohol in Bali is very expensive. This is presumably due to the "moral" tax imposed by the Indonesian government. For example, a bottle of Smirnoff vodka can cost us 500,000 r / s (about $ 55 USD). So this is a popular way to bring free alcohol into your home. Indonesian legislation allows for up to 1 liter for each person, which is not much. If you decide to bring in more and get caught, you will have to surrender or pay, * hey *, a 'fine' for anything from 20,000rp to 100,000rp, and you will be able to keep your alcohol.


The best way to get around Bali, unless it's your own car / swimming game, is taxi and car + driver services. Taxis are cheap (a 45-meter taxi is less than $ 7), see the bottom of this post for taxi companies. Make sure the taxis are metered and start at 5000 c / sec. You can also get car + driver services starting from around $ 35 for a whole day, it is advisable to tip the driver at the end of the day.

Cell Phones and Wifi

Your own phone will probably be able to roam globally in Indonesian networks, but making and receiving calls is very expensive. It is best to get a local prepaid SIM card (like SimPati or 3) and blow up your phone and then enjoy the low local prices. iPhones and Blackberrys work, but you need to get a SIM card that has internet data. It's much easier to get free WiFi in many cafes and bars.

Power Plugs

In Indonesia, they use 220 s, 50 cycles, and the candles are double round corks of European diversity. Adapters are available at some hotels, or Matahari & # 39; s (supermarket) for around 35,000 Rp.

Tip is good karma

Tip Sometimes a service charge will be charged to your restaurant account. It is not mandatory, but it is a good practice to send hotels, masseuses, maids and any other staff during your stay. There is not much to do, but you will ensure that you are taken care of, and this will be greatly appreciated by employees who only earn a few dollars a day.

Other items:

The sunshine and the humidifier are expensive in Bali for some reason, bring your favorites home. In Indonesia, condoms are not the best quality, it will be safer and wiser to bring some of your own. Imodium (diarrhea medicine) is worth keeping with you, with the infamous "cherry belly" you can get at any pharmacy (called apotik in Indonesian).