Subway 2033. Hint

Metro 2033 is based on a novel by Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. I have never read the novel on which this camera is based. But I can tell you that, it must be one overwhelming, terrifying book. Metro 2033 was released last March. This atmospheric camera was developed by 4A Games and released by THQ. Metro 2033 is a first-person shooter driven by good weather. It also has some strong weaknesses.

Artyom is the protagonist of the Metro 2033 and just an ordinary guy who gets caught up in a story called Hunger Ranger. Hunter needs Artyom to convey the important message to Polis Station. Hunter tells Artyom a message about dark people. Dark Ones are the names of the monsters you fight in Metro 2033. At least, Artyom must travel through dangerous underground metro stations, as well as face severe cruelty outside Moscow's post-subalpine tropical region. The latter, while trying not to kill the fighting factions, monsters, demons and bandits you encounter on the way.

The story of Metro 2033 is good. This is a story driven by fps. For historical information, you need to communicate with the characters. Cutscenes and the story also convey the story of the Metro. Artyom doesn't talk about Metro 2033. But that doesn't stop the story from progressing properly. Artyom also has a powerful nightmare that is interactive. Dreams give the player an idea of ​​Artyom's mind.

Metro 2033 is now over a year old. Textures and effects are especially good. The gun models are also very detailed. Sometimes people are sometimes all alike, and their eyes look good. Character models have work as well as animations. Lighting is really good, given that much of the game is focused on light and dark. In general, the game is average visual.

The sound design was good at Metro 2033. The music provided a depressing atmosphere. The voice acting was really good, and each character had real strong Russian accents. The creepy sounds seemed to be the children's whims, ghosts, and nearby monsters as I walked through the dark underground Metro. I really liked the overall sound design in this game. It really helped create an overwhelming atmosphere.

Metro 2033 is a standard first-person shooter. The problem is that the shooting and surveillance really felt old-fashioned and clunky. Discovering the hit was bad. Emergency was really terrible with your enemies as well as your friends. You can kill a monster with a knife thrower, but it requires at least four shots from the rifle point blank range. The overall shooting is very unbalanced and feels outdated.

The basic form of Metro 2033's currency is centered around special ammunition. With special ammunition you can buy items, guns, health boxes and grenades. It happened that I didn't arm myself several times during my game. I played the game in easy mode. Metro 2033 is not a friend. To play this game you need to press a lot of buttons. When your flashlight is running out, you need to use a crane tool to recharge it. To view your mission goals, you need to click on the picker and another button to view the compass. Every time you approach or exit the beam, you need to put on your beam mask. The mask can break if you hit it many times, which will replace you.

All the weapons were inaccurate. From pistols to rifles, nothing felt right. You had several different enemies to kill like bandits, demons, flying monsters, gorilla monsters, and more. The missions were really good. Some were stealth and penetration style missions. Gameplay missions were varied, with lots of exploration and looting. The robbery helped keep the ammunition in the weapon. Some of the Rails sequences are present at Metro 2033, but they were all spoiled due to poor accuracy of the rifle.

Metro 2033 does not have an online / offline multiplayer. Good, because it took me more than 10 hours to complete one player campaign. There are also switchable options if you also want to do a second flutter.

Metro 2033 reminds me a bit of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. But the terrible shooting mechanisms and bad AI ruined this game for me. History, characters and missions were all satisfying. If you like short story atmospheric fps video games, Metro 2033 gives you a shot.

7.5 / 10: