Spain Tourist Attractions and Must See Places in Spain

The Iberian peninsula, which lies between Europe and Africa and borders the Biscay, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, Spain is one of the best travel destinations not only for its geographical condition and its effects, but also for a number of factors such as its own habitat, to see the variety of places. Spain boasts a rich history and historical sites. The wide sandy beaches and the clear waters are charming. The country has so much more to try and enjoy in each region.

Popular Spanish cities and tourist destinations include Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbo, Valencia, Seville, Toledo, Granada, Cordoba, etc. etc.

The Balearic Islands off the coast of the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands off the African Sea are world-renowned as travel destinations and sights of Spain.

Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is a city famous for bullfights, fiestas and flamenco dances and royal palaces. The best sights in Madrid are the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, Plaza de la Kibelés, Park del Buen Retiro, Plaza de España, The Prado Museum, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Archaeological Museum and more. The city offers dance halls, movie theaters, music halls, cafes and more. Barcelona is known for its monuments, historical sites, art galleries and cultural centers with natural resources. The most visited museum is dedicated to one of Spain's most famous names, Pablo Picasso.

Alhambra, Spain's last Muslim ruler palace, located in Granada, is one of Spain's main tourist attractions for displaying Islamic architecture along with Christians and Jews. In Cordoba, Mezquita is a popular tourist attraction. Travelers to Christopher Columbus' tomb in Seville also visit. The new L & # 39; Oceanografic Aquarium science center and futuristic aquarium are attractive places to watch. Historic cities of Cadiz and Malaga are visited by travelers. Moreover, Malaga is a famous city – the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and the idol of cinema by Antonio Banderas. The Guggenheim Museum and the Plaza Nueva are Bilbo's tourist attractions.

The Balearic Islands, whose three main islands, Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca, are an exotic destination. Ibiza Island is known for its club scenery, weather and beautiful beaches. When talking about the club, it means Ibiza. It has international recognition. Mallorca is the least crowded island among them. Lunches of fresh seafood are delicious. Majorca is as famous as Ibiza as a tourist destination.

The Canary Islands, the seven islands of the Spanish Atlantic Ocean, are very common. These are: El Hierro, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma, Lanzarote, Tenerife. The Gran Canaria Canary Islands are like paradise thanks to its many beaches, crystal clear waters and water sports. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and is very popular as a tourist destination. Here is El Tide Mountain. Not only water sports, but also hiking, mountaineering and cycling activities.

Other tourist attractions in Spain include Alcázar, Castillo de Santa Bárbara,

La Sagrada Família, Parc Nacional d 'Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici, Doñana National Park, The Basque Country, Parc Guell, Picasso Museum, Las Ramblas and many more.

The folk traditions of Spain are, of course, Flamenco and bullfighting. The run of the Unning is the most common event at Sanfermines in Pamplona. Flamenco is the musical tradition of Spain. As a visitor, for unforgettable memories it is advisable to visit the country during the festivals and festivals season. Spain is a beach lover's paradise with its white sand beaches. You should also taste delicious Spanish cuisine and wine.

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