The 5 best adventure activities you should try in Yelagiri

Yalagiri is a great tourist destination in Tamil Nadu, which is little known by many vacationers. Elagiri is known for its tremendous peaks, lively accuracy and a relaxing breathing climate. It's a paradise for all the adrenaline chandeliers who love adventure. Here are the top 5 actions that all emotions should definitely try.


Everybody wanted to fly like a kid. You can fulfill this childhood wish by trying Paragliding in Elagiri. There are 7 places in India where you can indulge in Paragliding, and one of them is the picturesque Elagir. The magnificent view of the lush fluffiness will definitely make your Paragliding session even more enjoyable.

If you are trying for the first time, you can go with Paragliding. It's definitely safe, and you don't need to worry about it. If you are on an adventure, you can have a certified training course at Pilgrimage Adventure Sports Association.

There is no age limit to try Paragliding in the newsletter. The heavenly sensation is viewed by the surrounding aesthetic clouds. It takes only 2 hours to complete the entire session. Paragliding is the best time to try in January-February and October-December.

Recently, Paragliding has been established to attract more tourists to Yelagir only. This sport is not limited to men, but women can also try paragliding, which will bring the child into them. So do not forget to try this adventure sport if you are traveling to Plasma.


Another experienced Yelagiri adventure is rock climbing. This is another action of Elagiri that has grown significantly in recent times. Being a hill station, there are many ways to climb a rock in Yelagiri. There is no special season to try climbing a rock.

You can try at any time of the year, which is possible for you. Climbing the rock is not recommended for people who have a heart condition or weak people. You have to have steel nerves to try to climb a rock, because it's pretty bold.

The summer season is the best time to climb the rock. Don't try it during the monsoon season, as the rocks will be slippery to climb. Make sure you follow all safety precautions taught by the instructor to climb safely.


The eagle stands at a height of 920 feet above sea level. It has many fascinating paths. It has routes suitable for both amateurs and supporters. Flowering vegetation scattered on both sides of the road can be found. The famous voyage that you can take on Elagiri is a beautiful voyage to Svamimalai at 4,338 feet. It is the highest peak of Yelagiri, which gives a wonderful view of the surrounding area. The total distance of the expedition is 6 km (to and around). The starting point of the trip is a small village called Mangalam.

In this little hamlet you can find rows and rows of beans and red grams. When you reach the summit, you are struck by the stunning scenery. Other hiking routes in Yelagiri are routes along the Jav Avad and Palamati Hills. You will need permission from the Forest Department to cross all these trails. It will take about 45 minutes to complete your trip.

Yelagiri is home to many snakes in the lush jungle that you may find on your journey sometimes. There are many people who visit Yelagir every year to take part in tour camps here. I would definitely recommend trying to walk at least once in your life.

Zip Line:

There is every shake-up of all-time favorite adventures, definitely the Zip Line. The best place to do this is to try the blitz line in Yelagiri. You can rotate using a rope from one tree to another. After wearing your safety gear you will travel at top speed.

The adrenaline rush you will feel when you descend from above is simply out of the world. You can see the beauty of the story at the end. Besides, the breathtaking view of the majestic valleys as you lower the rope will surely give you goat losses.

Both children and adults can be involved in zip line operations. But there are some weight restrictions to get into this sport. Adolescents often visit Elsewhere to participate in the zip site.


Zorbing is a sport of rolling down a slope in an orbit, usually made of transparent plastic. In fact, there are two types of zorbing called land zorbing and water zorbing. Enjoy watching the world turn upside down on a smooth slope on the smooth slope, urging the land to swell. It is suitable for both children and adults with appropriate safety measures.

You can also try strengthening the water by rolling the stream. At one time there may be 1-3 people inside the orbit. This is the best adventure for any sensation seeker out there. It's definitely complicated, but loads of fun are guaranteed.

If you are in for a fun adventure or want to try something unusual with tons of fun, then Elagiri is the perfect place for you. Looking for neighborhoods in Yelagiri's main sights? Order ULO HOTELS immediately