That's why the conversation about healthy business travel should change

There is a difference between Jet Lagged and Jet Stress. It's the same difference between chronic and acute. One is acute and the other is chronic. Ethernet stress is, in fact, chronically acute. The value of this distinction is only what distinguishes those who fly well and those who do not. A second valuable consideration of our case is the following: Any time a Man has conquered or flourished in his own environment, taking with him his own environment. To defeat the silence of the plane it is in all your ways, and I have to do the same, frequent flights than the others. A regular conversation on the subject of flight often repeats expressions such as body clock and melatonin, without any change in outcome or progress. Conversations in the tooth are long-lasting with the same tired advice: get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, and keep your mind active. Old women's fairy tales and personal healing posters exist alongside solid scientific data. The masses of frequent flights and travelers are a mess and struggle to share and understand often confusing information. It hurts productivity, personal health, relationships and the end of global business.

The most intense frequent flights hold the key

I once read some good business tips that preached the value of food to the extremes of a targeted audience. The notion was that if they were provided for all the demographics remaining in that target market, they would be well treated. Frequent business flights are representative of this extreme. An article in Wired Magazine * describes one-year business travel trips that show the intensity of frequent flight schedules. The goals of business travelers – maximizing productivity on the road, making the right impressions, closing the deal and staying healthy – bring home the urgency of the actual conversation.

An unhealthy flight does not pay what the costs are

The price we pay for frequent flight challenges and related problems outweighs the benefits. Values ​​are measured on a personal and global business scale. You can measure it on a personal scale: weight gain, insomnia, fatigue, fatigue, adrenal stress, hormone abnormalities, the idea of ​​conception and the list goes on and on. Costs for global business are measured by lost productivity in the millions of dollars. A 2003 New York Times survey * estimated that hard-working travelers lost about 20 percent of their productivity due to transgender travel. Recently, the White Paper on AirPlus Traveler Productivity also highlights the link between business travel and productivity.

Solutions need upgrades

In the short run of global business travel and globalization, many advances and efficiencies have been made in the field of civil aviation. Trading machines and planes have seen many changes, including a new generation of fly-by-wire technologies and fuel-efficient aircraft to take us to the 21st century. Contrast that with the difficulty of frequent business flight, healthy flying tips have remained static. There was no respect for pressures and demands at the workplace. The global mobile workforce is on the rise to see World Wide Web ERC *.

Look at Hollywood as an example of what I mean by this. A script is being created, a movie is being filmed, the seats are being scouted, and the cast is continuing to shoot. Going to places is a coincidence of the results of your searches, whether it be a movie or a business meeting. However, the quality of the finished product can be so dependent on the participants' well-being. As globalization makes the world smaller and calls for united groups to come together in the short term for the common cause, the need to be fully operational and effective is a conditional need for success.

Pharmaceutical interventions are really the only show in town.

The loudest voice ever heard in this conversation was the sound of the pharmaceutical industry. Its representative was Cefalone's failed bid * to allow the FDA to authorize the sale of Nuvigil as an aircraft delay. It speaks to the default mode of operation: the pill designed for each patient and classifies the reactive collapse from the expensive inconvenience to the disease. This brings me to the point I want to make: Living better through chemistry has its limits. The whole idea that you can constantly take your own drugs on the fly and advance your career. The mobility of the workforce and globalization on the horizon must make it so far obvious. Any talk of treatment for Jet transient problems should have an element of stability about it, and this is where the current approaches come from.

Let's start with the first question

The required change in tone of conversation is not complete without looking at the definition that we give reactive silence. Until now it was characterized as a whole clock for another part of the clock to exclude something else. How useful this is, it limits the creativity we can bring to a lasting solution. Discussion should include a Jet Lag 101 course asking what the whole plane is like. How does it affect you differently? How can you be responsible for your solution? What guiding principles and methodologies can we all relate to and use? Without this first step we are doomed to view the same information but expect a different response. Scientific data is useful for disseminating reactive silence mechanisms, but we need to look beyond it to find a practical solution. Just to be clear, any sustainable methodology must be able to withstand scientific scrutiny to gain acceptance and credibility. However, it starts with an inclusive discussion, rather than an old understanding of the current, dynamic and changing environment and conditions.


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