Safari in South Africa – Superb Matjiesfontein is a must.

Safari in South Africa 2 hours and half an hour north of Cape Town, traveling through some of the most spectacular scenery, and you will reach the historic city of Matifsfenten.

For some, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraveling 180 minutes to reach their destination overwhelms the object, but I felt I had to incorporate Matjiesfontein into a day trip for pure magnetism, breathtaking views that were so different from the rest. West Cape, South Africa and its special place in the history of the area. To miss is to miss something unique. The Journey is so worth the trip, I know you'll want to thank me, not for chasing me for sending you wild goose chase.

Leaving the Franschhoek and Stellenbosch wineries behind you, head up to the Huguenot tunnel or the stunning Du Toits Pass unforgettable path. Crossing is worth a visit, though it adds another 11 miles to your trip. The tunnel is one of the most complex tunnels in the world that cuts across four kilometers of mountains. Maybe one way you go on an exterior trip, the other one on the way back.

Towards the Hek River Valley, to the Hek River Mountains, which rise up to 2,490 meters and are often snow-covered in winter. Here lies the abundance of fertile soil, growing a huge number of crops, fruits and wines.

A number of magnificent passages link the Little Caru to the Great Carou, in particular, the Swartberg Pass is considered to be the most spectacular sight in the world after the Darjeeling Pass in Asia.

During the first inspection, Mateesfontini seemed to be insignificant and remote, as it was located in the desert, but during subsequent inspection its roots were firmly planted in the history of the country and indeed in the continent.

1884 saw the Matjiesfontein as a small railway stop in the depths of Caru. At that time, the Government Rail had reached the Kimberley diamond fields. As it happened, there were no cars on the trains, and when they stopped filling up with water and coal, the passengers went in search of their own food.

Realizing the potential for the "flood", young Scottish James James Logan bought the land and thought about his ideas. The happy result is Matjiesfontein.

Contemporary fashionable people, such as Rudyard Kipling and Lord Randolph Churchill, have visited the air. It was useful for people with chest complaints, being warm, simple, and dry. Logan was a shrimp fan and loved to bring teams to stay here. The village boasts a large grassy field next to the Transport Museum, which used to be a cricket field. It was in this field that the first international cricket match played in South Africa was played.

What to see during your visit? Well, arriving in Matjiesfontein is more like a breakthrough in time. The turn of the century, that 20th century, Victorian luxury with the magnificent Lord Miller Hotel, staging a central stage.

The golden age of grace and elegance is alive and well, and there are modern means of living here that take nothing away. Take your choice of evening venues, either at Lord Milner's or Laird & # 39; s Arms Victorian Tavern. The coffee house also provides breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, all of which can be taken in the beautiful courtyard.

You might want to go around the village on a London two-storey bus, which travels daily with a bus driver who doubles as a cute storyteller. John O'Neill also takes you to the Lord Miller Hotel.

The original post office is still in operation and will be helpful to accompany the Curio store for souvenirs, as well as items that may have been forgotten by hotel guests.

Visit museums and immerse yourself in the past

The Karoo National Park boasts magnificent masses of sprinkle, wildebeest, deer, and ostrich, including a magnificent black eagle and shy eagle. Five turtle species also find their home here, the largest in any conservation area in the world. Take the fossil trail or discover Bushmen's pictures.

Time seems to be lazily turning around in this quiet, small flood. Take a step into the enormous executioner of today's life and spend time in an increasingly peaceful age. Soak up the atmosphere and air and let it softly relieve your stresses and tensions. You won & # 39;