Travel to Spain to Barcelona

You have to travel to Spain at least once in your life, you have won it. Two of the best ways to travel to Spain are by boat or plane. The natural beauty of Spain is astonishing "Barcelona", whether you approach it from the Mediterranean or from the air. The European country of Spain is divided into seventeen communities. Barcelona is located in Catalonia. The community of Catalonia has its autonomy. As a result, they have their own local government, police, and they continue to control their community, which includes Barcelona, ​​the capital.

When you travel from Spain to Barcelona, ​​you will find a city with more than 1.5 million people. They really took center stage around the world in 1992, when they hosted the Olympics. The people speak Catalan and Castilian Spanish. Catalonia is spoken throughout Catalonia. The Capitol City is a historically and culturally Mediterranean city that somehow retains its Gothic city center. It has a large number of museums that showcase their art and history over the centuries. Visiting museums is a must because they give you a better understanding and appreciation for a unique culture.

"Barcelona" is deeply Catholic. One of the best times for a family visit is early spring at Easter. They have many processes, passion plays and exhibitions. It's a great time to visit. Barcelona is famous for its small romantic streets and fine shops. They attract you when you are walking with your partner. This place is definitely for honeymooners. The beautiful coastline along the Mediterranean Sea is a magnet for tourists. It boasts 5,000 kilometers of coastline along with amazing beaches. This area has also provided additional impetus to the Spanish economy.