Travel travel tips in Panama. You must see places to explore and discover

If you have decided to travel to Panama, you have made a great decision. Panama has many things for both young and old and has an amazing culture that is definitely worth a visit. Upon arrival you will be greeted by his friendly locals, then taken to Panama City, home to modern skyscrapers and hospitals. You can also visit the beaches of Panama or go for walks with its lush umbrella. There is so much to see and do in Panama. In this article we will present you travel tips on the best places to see and explore. These places can guarantee that your stay in Panama is truly memorable. You can even come back for more.

· Panama City – The place of arrival in Panama is located in the capital city of Panama. This city is famous for its many tourist attractions, such as Panama Canal, Las Boveda, Plaza de la Cathedral, Teatro Nacional, Palacio de las Garzas, Casco Viejo and many more. It is definitely the Panama Canal where tourists can try to unlock the canal locks. You can also hike in the Indian village of Embera, where you can sail by boat to sail to Lake Allegela and then to the Jungle River. Hospital Punta Pacifica is also a must see as this place is famous for its medical tourism. High standard medical care at this hospital can be obtained at a fraction of the cost in US and Canadian hospitals. Panama City is a mixture of old and new. It is where the state-of-the-art medical facilities and modern amenities can be found, but the ancient world and the natural charm still feel ancient through its antique buildings and rain forests. You have to see Panama City for sure.

· Coronado: – This place is about an hour's drive from Panama City and is where you can enjoy salt, sand and sea. This coastal town is a beach resort, so well developed, it even has a hospital, shopping malls, markets, banks, drug stores, grocery stores and many restaurants. It is a beach town, so the sun and swimming in Coronado are eagerly awaited, as well as golf, shopping, and kite-driving lessons. Coronado is definitely one of the places in Panama that you should not miss.

· Boyko – This is a small town located in one of the highlands of the country and is a very popular tourist destination. Boquete Panama has a similar weather all spring. consequently, many emigrants have come to Boquete to retire. One popular place is Volcan Baru, a sleeping volcano that has fallen into many adventures and adventures. Boquete's visit is, therefore, about the overthrow of nature, hikes and mountaineering. Another thing you should not miss at Boquete Panama is its delicious coffee. You might want to bring some of your friends home.

· Bokas del Toro – This is another tourist destination as the city of Bokas is made up of very small islands. It is a place where travel is mostly by water taxis or ships, as the islands are not connected by roads. A water taxi tour in all the islands of Bokas is amazing, as is the city's marine park. There you can see dolphins, asterisks and many other sea creatures.

Panama is a beautiful country worth exploring. You can hike in the highlands, swim on the beach, visit the old town, watch sea creatures and enjoy cheap but high quality health care. It's a country where you can spend more money. Price in Panama is low. So you can really have a good rest with your own cash. Make sure Panama City, Coronado, Bokas del Toro and Bokie are part of your itinerary. These are the best places in Panama that you should definitely not miss.