Trave to travel alone in different places

I've been to many places. We guess I've come across different faces, different cultures, different environments, different personalities or moods. You must travel and study the world before you die.

You must see the places before they die. Paris, France, the place of lovers, the city of light, and where to see the famous Eiffel Tower. Machu Picchu in Peru, where it is known as a historic site. The Tubbataha Reefs in the Philippines is a nature park with an underwater sanctuary of many species. South Korea's ju jezu island is famous for being also known as the "island of gods", a very relaxing place for lonely hearts and wandering minds. New York, USA Time Square and Statue of Liberty. Egypt & # 39; pyramid tomb for the pharaohs.

These are just some of the places I always want to go soon. Living before traveling. You need to secure your money first, it needs you so much time that will bring your life. In addition, you should list everything you want to bring for the trip. Don't forget to travel the light. Traveling alone is not easy. you have to carry all your luggage, so you only need to bring the most needed and most important things. Also provide a passport and visa so you can cross the border if you wish. There was no difficulty or discomfort when traveling No. You also need to bring a camera to capture all those sweet memories during your trip. Bring pants or shoes for comfort. Never and ever forget to wear a smile.

When you meet different people they smile, be friendly. People love a person who is friendly and approachable. When you find a place, learn something new that you want to learn in some of their basic languages, such as I, Hello, Good Morning, Good Night, Thank You, and Greetings. Take it on your notes and name the person who is teaching you, and let them sign, as well as have a picture with that person. That way you can always remember people and the place and what they teach you. And, of course, make yourself confident. You will never know what you will encounter on your trip. Pray and seek guidance so you can safely return to your home.

Let me share this with you as I traveled particularly in Asia, particularly in the Philippines. I made all these things. And somehow, when I look at people's pictures, it tears my eyes. They are such comfortable people and they smile a lot, even some children have defective teeth. I am learning to love their place. I also know what 'I Love You' is about, it's Mahal Kita.