The top 10 should have a girl's handbag. How to travel smart and stay safe at the same time?

There may be 101 things that seem to be important to bring everywhere, just in case you need it. Every girl is unique, which, I think, can be redundant for others.

Big bags can be trendy, but they are not practical in a foreign country. Branded bright bags are one of the worst things to open, as this is where thieves first notice. Functional bags with simple design are the best.

No, I'm not going to list the camera and map that are important here. Because it's something that will bring a majority in any case. This list is recommended for girls who want to travel smart and stay safe in a foreign country.

1) No girl comes out without a basic makeup outfit. Make sure you have a proper mirror, so it can be more than 1.

2) Always carry a proper deodorant / perfume / sun block / insect repellent / ointment in your bag. You can use it for yourself or for a sweet attacker.

3) There may be more than 10 uses when traveling on petroleum jelly (petroleum jelly lip balm). Like something, don't overdo it.

4) Wear a built-in filter bottle everywhere. It works for non-potable water (such as from public toilet stoppers), but not an impermeable type.

5) It is good to know emergency numbers, accommodation and any other useful contacts. Always make sure the phone has a battery and bring a portable charger.

6) Bring your home keys together. The Swiss Army Knife is considered a weapon and is not allowed in some places. Use a network of functional keys (such as carbines) here.

7) Bring a mechanical pencil (2B lead minimum) and blank A4 paper. Good for writing something important to do something casual.

8) Wear a light folding canopy on the outside with a silver surface. It is best not to cultivate UV rays, rain, and the unfamiliar stranger. It is now available in metal cases.

9) Have a small purse to store your passport and money (zip locked). Personally, it is good to have a top with 7 fragrance baskets on top.

10) It is good to carry a handbag with a sling. I like to slide it in and hold my hands on the handles. I hope to deter thieves, making their theft more difficult.

Security is one of the most important aspects of our lives. It is a basic human need and must be accomplished before anything else can be achieved. Just Google and you can find a long list of recommendations on safe and smart travel.

The ideal total weight of the bag (+ notebook) is assumed to be no more than 15% of your body weight. Keep a girl's bag for Traveling Travel within 5% of your body weight.